How to Promote Your Start-up Blog

Promote Your Start-up BlogIf you’ve started a new blog but are lacking an audience, it’s very important that you get the word out there that you have something interesting to say. A blog with a following of loyal readers is one that can open up many doors down the road–so take the time to promote your start-up blog by putting the following suggestions into practice.

Simple Ways to Promote Your Start-up Blog

Use Social Media Sites

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great platforms for promoting just about anything–and a start-up blog is no exception. Let your family, friends, business associates, and other social media contacts know about your new blog by giving them a brief summary of its content and posting a link to it. If your blog is intended to promote a product or service, consider offering new readers a small discount in exchange for “liking,” “tweeting,” or simply spreading the word about your start-up blog.

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5 Simple Steps for Promoting Your Blog

Set Contact Goals

The more contacts you have, the easier it will be to promote your start-up blog. Set small goals for yourself on a daily or weekly basis that will help you extend your network of contacts. You can make new contacts by commenting on topics you see on social media sites, commenting on other blogs, or seeking out others that have a similar niche as you–especially if it’s a business one. Introduce yourself to other people both online and off, and tell them a little bit about yourself and your blog without being pushy or going overboard on the subject. Expanding your network of contacts is a sure-fire way to multiply your number of readers.

Promptly Respond to Comments and Emails

If a reader comments on your blog or sends you a personal email, respond to them promptly. Get to know your readers and listen to what they have to say be it positive or negative. If someone takes the time to leave a comment or contact you, let alone read something you’ve written, acknowledge them as soon as possible and let them know that you appreciate what they have to say. A reader that you’ve engaged in conversation is more likely to pass along a link to your blog than a reader that you’ve totally ignored.

Be an Active Participant

Actively participating in online discussions is an excellent way to establish your presence, and it will give you plenty of opportunities to share a link to your blog as well. Seek out blogs and forums that are of interest to you, and take the time to comment on the content. Be genuine and considerate in your discussions, and let your fellow commentators know where they can find you without coming across like it was the only reason you stopped by in the first place.

Create an Email List

Ask your new readers to subscribe to your blog so that they may receive occasional updates as new content is added. Create an email list with the contact information they provide, and use it to keep in touch with them. It’s a great way to build relationships with the people who support you and an easy way to keep them informed and updated.

Promoting your start-up blog isn’t difficult, but it will take some time and effort on your part to insure that it gets noticed. Don’t be afraid to make your voice be heard–just be sure to do it in a way that will make people want to listen.

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