How to Promote Your Blog

For a successful blog post there are numerous steps that you need to take. Nowadays it can be a struggle to get anyone to read your blog posts, especially if you do not work hard towards building your audience.Promote Your Blog

Building audiences will include promoting your posts actively and engaging new readers for greater exposure. Also, it is crucial that you ensure that your post is well written and relevant to your target audience.

In this short guide we will help you with a few ways in which you can promote your blog, gain shares and boost visibility ultimately meaning you’ll gain more traffic.

Stand Out And Become a Reliable Source

Throwing any random content on a blog assuming that it would work is never a good idea. This will not only appear irrelevant but also decrease potential readership from your target audience which is not ideal.

Giving value is super important so before creating or publishing any content make sure your content is extremely useful and will benefit your audience. If your content is not useful in any way, then chances are your blog has no future.

Below are some ways you can add value: (Please note these are just a few examples and you should try and always relate back to your target audience.)

  • You can address people on valuable factors such as on life matters.
  • Look to solve problems so look at pain points and solutions.
  • Answering questions that your target audience may have; this can be helpful hence leading to you becoming a trustworthy and reliable source.
  • Provide insight you may have in that industry.

Maximize your chances of being found

As you might have spent lots of time writing for your blog post the last thing you want to happen is for no one to read your content. Below are a few steps you can take which will help your blog gain traffic.

Keyword Research

A must when writing content is to look at potential keywords you can include in your content. The best way to do this is to carry out keyword research. You can do this by looking at similar blogs and what keywords they use. So incase you don’t know what a keyword means, it means a term someone might be searching for.  For example if your blog is titled: ‘5 ways to make money online.’ A popular search term might be ‘make money online.’ Consider looking at seo tools like ahrefs and using their keyword planner to come up with ideas of keywords you can use in your content. The longer the content and the more unique keywords you include the bigger chance you have of people finding your article online.

Tip: Just remember to find an guide how to optimise content and not to keyword stuff.


Gaining backlinks pointing to your content is ideal because it tells google your content is good. You can do this through various outreach agencies such as the Rhino Rank Guest posting service amongst others.

When other blogs post about your content it can help exposure and create authority for your content.

Take Your Content Social

It takes more than your social connections to influence social media. It is crucial, therefore, that you take part in different but relevant forums. This will enable you to engage in discussions as well as share opinions on different blog post ideas. It is always worth it when you share your content within the communities you have been involved with, in the forums. This is where your audience starts to grow as it is usually about involvement and trust with the community. It would be much better if you avoid any kind of unsolicited messages and instead, work on your engagement. For instance, if you blast to a group you don’t participate in, the whole process can be tragic.

Post your content on social channels, instead, and do a paid campaign. This will enable visibility hence giving you exposure to a broader network.

For a better blog, it is essential that you set some goals. This will help you in numerous ways such as by enabling you to take remedial measures and required steps to valuable blog post.

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