How to Infuse Personality Into Your Web Design

web designYour web design includes aesthetics like color and word font, but more importantly it also consists of the very content that the public needs to know about your business. Whether you have a retail shop or offer a local service, your website is the means by which many people will come into contact with your brand. If the site is generic, there isn’t much reason for someone to return or try to interact with you. Here are some tips for how to personalize your web design efforts and stand out from the crowd of other sites in your industry.

Create a Video

Adding video content to your website not only improves your SEO and can help you bring new traffic, it also provides a sense of character. Informative videos convey that you have a strong level of knowledge and authority on the subject matter at hand, and humorous or otherwise casual videos give a real sense of personality to the site. Regardless of the tone of your video, it can bring encourage consumers to become more engaged with your site and learn more about what you do and how you do it.

Start a Blog

Blogs tend to speak in a more informal tone that regular marketing copy, which helps you get more personality across. Your blog entries should still provide useful content, and can vary from specific how to articles to updates on your latest product launch. Blogs are also a good place to do a question and answer session with your consumers, or ask a question and get feedback in the comments section. By interacting with your present and future customers, you can build a relationship that goes two ways and begin to build brand loyalty.

Post Pictures of Employees

Sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name, so putting up pictures of your employees on the website can create a very personalized feel to the site like on Yodel Reviews. Instead of just head shots alone, consider adding images of the company picnic, or shots from a charity event. Images of your employees that are candid rather than staged will portray your company in a down to Earth way. While you don’t need to include every employee at your company on your web site, include those key players who often communicate directly with your customers or clients is a good idea, as is adding a short biography for each person.

Your Web design efforts are an investment that can pay off in the long run. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and has all the information someone would need to contact you and understand what your company does. Personalizing a web site can create a connection between you and your client base that is very real, particularly if it fosters two-way communication. Link your site to your social media accounts when you can, so you can become a staple in the news feed of your clients on other personalized sites as well.

George WIlson is a brand expert. He frequently shares his tips about how to effectively promote a brand on business websites.