How to Grow a Facebook Fan Page

how to grow a facebook fan pageFacebook fan pages can provide you with some awesome traffic and a great way to keep track of your following as well as increase it. While almost everyone has a Facebook fan page for their product of blog, the vast majority of them goes stale and never grows past a certain point. There is a reason for this; it takes a certain level of dedication as well as skill to grow one into a mass following that so many people are looking for, and you don’t necessarily need social media agency to do it.

The first step of growing a page is knowing when to start marketing it to the masses. Personally, I recommend starting with some seeder fans. These can come in the form of purchased fans, or it can be taking your page and asking your friends and family to join it. In addition, you can go a step further and ask your closes friends and family to become your brand ambassadors and recommend it to their friends list as well. This should serve as an easy way to get a few hundred fans. This is where most pages end.

To continue the growth on your pages, you should now start a second round of recruiting fans. This can come from putting a widget on your site, emailing your list and asking them to join, or can take a few other directions as well. At this point, I would recommend starting a Facebook Ad Campaign. While these can be costly, they can also be VERY inexpensive. I have had campaigns bring in over 20k fans with a cost of less than pennies per fan. I have also had some run $1+ per fan. To get the fans for the lowest possible, you will need to have a high CTR, write different ad copy and play with several ads until you get the results that you are looking for. One thing I always put somewhere in my ads is a call to action for users to click like right from the ad.

Another way you can increase fans is run contests. I suggest playing around with prizes until you find something that your users really want and will work for. Lots of people want to start big with iPads, and while those are popular, I would test the waters with an iPod, or Amazon gift card. There are many ways to have a contest, but the best way I have found is a ‘like’ contest. Post a picture or image, and have your fans post a comment on that. Have the person who gets the most “likes” on their comments win. What will happen is they will tell their friends to go click like for them, and in order to do that, they have to like your page. I had a page with 1500 fans when I started one of these. By the time it was done, the winner had 230 likes, and we increased our fan count 3 fold.

Last but not least, be creative with your page. Entice conversation, and keep people interested. Every post doesn’t have to include a link, or a sales pitch. Have fun, wish people happy holidays, ask people what they got for Christmas, and most importantly, make each person feel as though they matter on your page.

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