How to Get More Followers on Twitter

get more twitter followersTwitter world is always buzzing with the latest and most happening trends in the world and obviously you want to be a part of it. Not just that, you want people to listen to what you say without which you feel left out and unimportant. To avoid all this depressing situation, the first thing that you need to do is to get more followers. These ‘followers’ maybe your friends or just random people who share your interests. Some so called experts believe that numbers don’t count for much but trust me when I say numbers are everything. Yes I do agree that you should have ‘quality’ followers but when you look up and see that you have 500(say) people who want to listen to you then that makes you feel special. I implemented theses ideas when I was creating my coupon site where I offer havahart wireless promotion and Oakley Signs discount code Ok now let’s get down to the process which gives you more followers.

Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter

METHOD 1:  Use a Custom Profile Page Background

The first thing that people notice in your page is the background. A funky, unique and a fun theme ensure that people visiting your page actually read your tweets and then decide to follow you. Create a custom image that portrays your style. Please don’t set any random image that you like online as your background. The leftmost 200 pixels is a great place to put other personal info like your website etc. The image shows an example of a ‘good’ background.

METHOD 2:  Implement a “Twitter Open Page”

Instead of sending user’s to the home page of your website, treat your ‘twitteraties’ differently .i.e. create a separate page that your user’s from twitter will see so that you tap their interest instantly. This is something ripped from a business lesson which says that treat every market differently.

METHOD 3: Profile Picture

This probably is the most obvious advice that you would have received. But one extra piece of advice that I want to add is to keep your profile pictures across different social networks consistent. This helps your friends in other networking sites to find you without much hassle. Also it’s not necessary to have your actual picture. Any image that really conveys what you are or have any notional connect would suffice. But the problem is that people who you’ve met in person can’t identify you.

METHOD 4: Make you ‘BIO’ about YOU

Give a brief, witty, clever, interesting, funky, a simply mind blowing account of yourself and what you’re really about. Here’s where you can attract ‘quality’ followers who actually share common interests with you. Also you can provide the entire links to your website.

METHOD 5: Avoid long @ reply marathons mixed with useful tweets

The most common thing that a potential follower will do is check out your recent tweets. If this includes a series of @ reply ones than he/she can’t follow what you’re tweeting about. This also gives a wrong impression of you as they might feel secluded from you.

All these are for normal people. By normal means not a ‘celeb’. The next best thing that you can do if all of these tips fail is to get a lead role in a multi-million dollar production deal!! Good luck with that!

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