How to Gain More Subscribers to Your Blog

How to Gain More SubscribersWhether you have thought about a blog for your recently opened business or for your personal thoughts and ideas, there are a series of ideas and techniques to take in consideration. When you start a personal blog, you probably don’t expect to sell it or make some huge profits anytime soon, so spreading the word around your friends might be a good start. But when you need to sell a product or a service, things change. For example, the companies that maintain a blog have 55% more traffic and 70% more newsletter fans compared to those who only rely on their official website. But then, how do you get some subscribers? How do you convert the regular or random visitors into subscribers?


The title is essential. When you write it, keep in mind that this is the first thing your guests see. When they are not attracted by your title, they will not even bother to read your article. Therefore, try to be as detailed as you can, but in a few words only. Don’t write a sentence for a title, but just the most attractive part that can draw some attention. Try to stay away from the obvious exaggerations. If you read the press online, you have probably seen a lot of extraordinary, fantastic, fabulous, amazing, shocking and unbelievable titles. Their articles, however, have nothing special. With time, these websites will lose their guests, so try to avoid going there.


An image is worth a thousand words. If you can add a representative image, you are a winner. Make sure it is attractive enough to draw some attention. Don’t use artistic or random beautiful pictures you usually use for your computer background, but some real images with a powerful impact over the audience. It doesn’t mean that you should spam your article with pictures and almost no text thought.


Try to be constant with your posts. Come up with a post as often as you can. The frequency defines your success. For example, if you barely write an article a month, your guests will take your blog for an inactive one and they will stop following it. Instead, when they see new content at every few days or on a daily basis, you can count on a happy audience. People like to read new stuff everyday, especially when they become familiar with a particular website.

Concentrate on your readers

Finally, write for your readers and not for the search engines. Try to avoid writing a SEO friendly article in an obvious way, as the keyword invasion will seem spammy. At some moment, people will realize what you are doing and give up your work.

In the end

All these ideas will help you gain more readers, but also turn readers into subscribers. Basically, as long as you concentrate on a high quality blog, it is only a matter of time until your readers will begin recommending particular articles further. When they find you to be funny, interesting or useful, there is no way to fail getting subscribers in the long run.