How to Find a Market For Your Site That Actually Makes Money

how to find a market to make moneyIf there’s one thing that defines whether you will make money online or not then it’s this, be specific. Doesn’t sound too important I have to admit, after all most of the internet is a collection of general information and comments loosely linked together. Why not try to get the widest audience you can by talking about as many random things as possible? Everyone seems to be doing it too, with people blogging about why they hate their ex and why the fast-food place down the road is the best ever.

The thing is general traffic doesn’t make anywhere near as much money as targeted traffic with a specific need. Don’t believe me? Just look at Youtube, millions of visitors and google still can’t make a profit. For most people the adverts they see on Youtube are just an annoyance, something they have to put up with if they want to see the video.

So If I pick a smaller market (a niche) won’t I get a lot less traffic your thinking? Yes but your still thinking in terms of numbers, think quality over quantity, it wins every time. So how to you find this niche that’s going to allow you to earn money online in a way that Youtube can’t? Well that bit can be tricky but it really comes down to two factors.

1.       Can I beat the competition and get to No1 in the marketplace? (This usually translates as No1 on Google)

2.       Does the traffic actually have value? IE is it going to convert into orders and sales either for myself or for my advertisers?

The best thing about finding the perfect niche though is that once you get to the top you can often stay there for months or even years with no further work because the competition is so low. If your fortunate enough to find one of those markets then your site can be one of the true forms of passive incomes available. I suppose what puts most people off is the volume, so many webmasters can’t believe it’s possible to make anything off just a 100 visitors a day. But usually this is based on flawed mathematics, i.e. they have a general site with 1000 visitors so how can less traffic earn more money? The only way to know for sure is to try it though, I did 🙂


This is a guest post by Paul B.Paul has a new blog at earningmoneyonline which has more articles for anyone trying to get into online marketing

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