How to Create an Optimal Online Presence

create an optimal online presenceThe internet is all about ‘optimization’ today. That one word has generated a large buzz. Be it keyword optimization or search engine optimization (SEO) or the larger and more complete website optimization. These two go hand in hand and are the key to a good website. At the same time, these two are uniquely different and individual in their own ways. To make the best websites, you must know how these two differ and how you can implement the latter into your site so as to make your site the center of attraction on the web.

To put things simply, website optimization is all about optimizing your website. There are many things you can do to get your layout right. Keywords are not the only concern when handling content comes into play. Other significant factors also exist.

Simple Tips to Create an Optimal Online Presence

  • Simpler Navigation: Nothing does it like a simple navigation scheme for your site. It is a key principle. Your navigation must be intuitive, easy, simple and must be available both at the bottom of the page and at its top. It is advised to have a site map for page indexing, while also providing for better location on the net by your visitors.
  • First Impression: The first impression is truly the best impression when it comes to a site. That is cause it decides if a visitor will ever return to your page again. A busy, cluttered and messy home page can put off first time visitors as it will take a lot of time to load and might be too much data for the first time. To increase page ranks, have a lot of images and headlines leading to your other pages.
  • Include Images: Although a lot of people hail images to be a big mistake for a site, they forget that a page can be indexed in so many more ways with images, provided they are done the right way. It is best to name images with descriptions and not with codes or short forms. Also include an alt text that has keywords and a description. Thus, search engines can locate your site with these keywords too. Your main aim is to make it easy for users to find you on the web and images do just that for you.
  • Locating Keywords: Merely including keywords in your content is not enough. You have to include them in many other places like Title Tags, Header Tags and Alt texts. In your Title tags, be sure to include a keyword along with the service or product and phrases. This makes indexing much more efficient. Title Tags determine what your users see about your site in search engine result pages. Also, your page description is very imperative and must have keywords and phrases that cannot be missed by search engines, while also being equally relevant to your content. Every article Title or Header must have keywords too to make your site fully optimized.

As much as this might sound complicated on paper, these elements are very easy to implement. You just must know how exactly to do it and what methods are the best ones to use to do it. Once a person keeps these ideas in mind and the knowledge of how to use them, he can create an excellent website without much knowledge of website design at all. Even though they sound simple, they have a tremendous impact on your site traffic in no time by making it easier for browsers and search engines both to locate your site among the many on the web.