How to Create a Reader base for Your Blog

increase blog readersEven with wonderful engaging content and an attractive design, a blog really doesn’t have much without a large and devoted audience. Whether you need a readership to promote your blog for you, challenge your ideas, or even as potential customers—you need a good supply of readers. There are several established ways to find readers. They’re all effective, but each one requires a different touch. There are opportunities to find readers through optimization, sharing, and social media.

Specialize Your Content

If you want an audience, the first thing you need to do is offer them something that they can’t get anywhere else. To stand out in topics that everyone blogs about is very difficult, so try to specialize in content that focuses on a distinct and new aspect of whatever it is that you want to blog about. This guarantees that not only will you have something new to offer readers, but you’ll also have an advantage against anyone who tries to compete with you who come along later. This step is also important for the next step.

Sharing and Socializing

When you’re a blogger, it’s necessary to participate in the community. There are many bloggers out there who already have a lot of readers and they are all potential friends. Post links to their posts when you think it would interest your readers, and they may return the favor. Getting your own posts linked on much larger blogs will give you a good boost, potentially resulting in permanent readers.

Social Media

Social Media cannot be ignored when it comes to finding readers in the modern age. The advantage of Social media is that many of those users have already separated themselves into groups by their social interests. This means it’s easy to track down people who would be interested in what you are writing about. News aggregators like Reddit and Digg are excellent places to post unique content in communities that are already built by fans that have an attraction to that content. Twitter and Facebook are great options too, as any potential fanbase on social media can be transferred to a blog with enough coaxing.


Whether you’re using social media, sharing, or content optimization to find readers, they are out there to be had. Remember that building an audience is rarely easy or quick, and patience is required. With hard work and a little time, your blog will get the attention that it deserves.

Author Bio :Dave is a Internet marketing enthusiast and web designer working for Go Globe a Shanghai Web design firm.

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