How to Blog and Make Money Online

how to blogWhatever your need is, you can make a good amount of money online as a blogger. As a beginner, this article gives you a few streams on how to blog and make money online. Keep in mind that blogs are different, moreover, so is how you can make money online. Because of their uniqueness, some of these income streams may work best in some blogs and not in others. You can also mix and utilize them to earn a living online.

You can use Adsense to show images or text based ads in your blog. With their amazing effect on images, your blogs will become attractive, generating more visitors. You can earn a lot of money through these ads. As a blogger, you can also earn money online through affiliate programs. With affiliate programs, you will only need to recommend quality products and earn whenever these products are bought through your link. The product owners usually pay a percentage as a fee for selling and promoting these products. Most of these programs and products are of high quality, making it easy for you to sell. A good example is the Amazon affiliate program.  You only need to create a link on your blog, whenever a visitor clicks on this link and buys the Amazon product, you are paid a certain percentage of the total sales.

You can also make money online, as a blogger is to sell E-books. E- books help online readers get the information they require through online books. With many people depending on the internet for information, and consequently relying on online libraries and books, selling E-Books is not difficult and you can use your blog to earn extra money through this.  Offer a continuity program. With this program, your income recurs whenever people subscribe to your services. Examples of these sites include Third Tribe Marketing and ProBlogger. As a member, you will generate a monthly income from other members.

You can also offer private ad sales or sponsorships to advertisers through your blog and have them pay. By offering advertising space on your blog, advertisers get a channel to advertise and probably sell their products at a fee. Other resources for bloggers to make money online are ProBlogger Job Boards, Speaking Fees and Chitika.  To earn a good income blogging, you need to look for partnership with many online stores, servicers and product, as well as online users.  With online blogging, you need to be patient and be committed to doing excellent work before you can earn a comfortable income from the internet.

This article has been contributed by David Ritchie. David is a software developer and technical writer with over 10 years of professional experience. He is currently interested in slow computer startup problems and slow computer solutions.

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