How to Attract Visitors Promoting Your Website Offline

promote your website offlineDo you know anything about offline marketing and why it is introduced? It is basically promotion of your WordPress blog using various tools and techniques to attract more and more visitors or customers but without using computers and web.

We are aware of this fact that no business can grow without publicity. As a result of which most of the businesses use advertisements in different means to prevent stability.

How will you feel if you become popular in your city to that extent you are popular online? Great isn’t it? But yes you can make it true now. No need to spend lots of dollars you just need few hours of your valuable time.

Best Ways to Promoting Your Website Offline

1. Business cards

A business card is an effective tool to promote your business as well your blog. For this you just need to hire a perfect graphic designer. Share with him your logo, URL and the concept behind paying him certain amount. After you are satisfied with the design make copies of it and distribute them to your friends, neighbours, relatives and customers etc. No heavy investment required.

2. Customs T-shirts with Logo

Spending a small amount of money and creating custom t-shirts with your logo printed on it isn’t a big deal. Visit any local cloth printer and again share certain information of URL and logo. It will be beneficial if you order bulk of t-shirts to obtain certain discounts. Not necessarily the t-shirts you can make advertisements in mugs, bags, gift items etc. all these things must be interesting one so that as many people wear this the more you get publicized.

3. Use of local cyber cafes

This is also an easy step towards publicity. Try to make a list of nearest cyber cafes and visit each one of them asking them to make your website as their homepage. If they agree then you will feel lucky or if not then pay a little. Also you must not forget to distribute business cards to them so that they can distribute it each time a new visitor enters.

4. Advertising in Newspapers

Newspapers are just the better way to reach bulk of customers. But only use this technique if you are serious about offline promotions. Select any newspaper which you think will be better; pay them to advertise your blog’s URL and logo. The better the advertisement the more money you have to spent. This varies depending about the brand and area.

5. Wallpapers

Another better way to advertising and where you do not require to spent money unless you are capable of Adobe Photoshop is creating promotional desktop wallpapers nicely designed with our logo. Download some cool wallpaper and merge your logo with them to create your own. Set them as your desktop wallpaper along with your friends and relatives if they are interesting everyone will automatically use them.

6. Speak about it

Talk about it when in your hangouts or social gatherings. Explaining clearly to your friends, relatives and everyone one you meet will work. They will surely visit to keep your request and once they like it they will share it.