Four Falsehoods Which Are Prevalent in the World of Internet Marketing

online money making misconceptionsInternet is a wonderful source of information, but at the same time, it is an ideal source of spreading misinformation. It can help you discover the truth behind a myth, but it can also make you believe in some half truths. It can give you the answers for many problems, but it can be a problem in itself. To cut a long story short, you have got to take everything you find on Internet with a pinch of salt (in fact a handful of salt).

If you were looking to become a doctor, you’d know that, while there is some great health or fitness advice available on Internet, it has also strengthened some misconceptions. Similarly, if you are an aspiring Internet Marketer, online entrepreneur, or just a blogger looking to earn money from home, you should know that the industry has its fair share of misconceptions or falsehoods that you must steer clear of. Keep on reading to know these myths …

Internet Is Easy Money

Just like any other type of market or industry offers “first movers advantage”, there was a very, very brief period of ecommerce boom when people made money from seemingly stupid ideas, and with little or no efforts involved. But the honeymoon period is over for quite some time, and now anybody stepping onto this field while expecting a walk in the park is in for a shock.

It’s incredibly easy to launch an online business, but easy-entry means a lot more competition, there’s hardly any niche that hasn’t been touched by online entrepreneurs, so you shouldn’t be expecting plain sailing at all.

Internet is Big Money

There are people who claim that they are making big money via blogging or affiliate marketing but there’s one thing common with most of these guys. Once they’ve had your mesmerized with their unbelievably good success stories, they will follow up with a very generous offer of selling their secret recipe of making big money online for peanuts.

On the other hand we have got some genuine bloggers sharing their monthly income every now and then, and most of them find it hard to reach four-figures on regular basis, let along the six figures claimed by the course sellers. True that there are true incidents of people making it big, but the odds for such a big success are like hitting the jackpot with a four reel slot machine (of course the odds for someone succeeding with a proper business plan are much better)

Work Once Earn Forever:

Once you’ve got over the big money and easy money mythologies, it’s now time to deal with the third one, and that is “passive income”. The notion that you need to put up the hard work just once and then you can continue to reap the benefits for years to come. For example, you can create a tool, jot down a tutorial, write an e-book, or produce a video tutorial, it’s true that all of these tools can result in long lasting benefits but there’s a catch, first the passive income (or any other kind of benefit) is rather small, second, a good source of passive income might vanish with an algorithm update.

It’s a One Man Job:

They say Internet Marketing (or SEO to be more precise) is easy, and you don’t need to hire the professionals to do the job. That is not entirely wrong, especially if you can set up a website, produce exceptional content on regular basis, do the link building, promote your website on social media, spend some time on networking, keep an eye on Google Analytic and Webmaster tools, stay abreast with all latest developments, tweaks, Google updates, and a lot more without going bananas. Truth is, Internet Marketing is a full time job, and any serious business will need to hire experts in order to succeed.

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