Few Must Have Tools for Website Owners

tools for website ownersTo each, his own. Okay, We have come a long way from scratch to highly analysing systems that can do and show you huge data in clicks. The word ‘Data’ is very broad and sports multiple dimensions. You, as Web Admin had no idea about traffic and it’s better way of optimization to give users the best, You had no idea on who is hacking your website, who is penetrating your data, etc. Now you have everything under your fingertips and you just need to tap to unveil that data, that simple.

Let’s cut to the chase, having said that analysing your website data is important, I am going to discuss few tools that I have come across these years. These tools are ‘must have’ to make sure you not running any charity but a strictly a goal, your website. It is worth a lot, and you need to know how to keep it intact and safe.


We are growing busy and have no time to meet friends, so, we meet them online. That’s the new age phenomenon of Internet. We are strongly glued to social networking sites, be it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube too. Since everybody(Almost) is on Internet, and creating an opportunity to catch up with thick dense communities, it is advisable you take this seriously and start invading them. How? this tool HootSuite will help you do that, have an eye on what users actually want, understand their pulse of activity, recognise the trend, go with it.

Google Analytics

This is widespread now. Key point is that Google is the parent and has come perfect under good hands, sure there is no trust deficit between the users and Google Analytics. It tells you bit by bit about everything that is happening in your website from the user perspective, what they are viewing, clicking, their navigational path, time spent on the pages. Well, accessing all this data is the first step for producing powerful content and transform it into user friendly website. Do understand what time most of the people come to see you and make sure you have something different to present, in time, so they share the freshness. You can see the statistical representation of the users, new and regular visitors. Do write more on what most are reading, keep it interactive and you can walk away with the cake.


Fine, What else ? There are many things still uncovered but I have limited myself to discuss only three tools and the third is here, which is based on one of the most important aspect of your website health on the Internet, Security. How secured is your website? you may check that here in Defencely web page. No surprise if you wonder how many loopholes your website surviving with.

I was not confident about the security of my website, no matter with whom I host so I decided to sign up with Defencely. I have been using Defencely for few months now and should tell you how impressed I am with the analysing and increasing the protective level to new high. There are many other service providers in the similar stream but I wasn’t capable of shelling out big bucks for them. When it comes to Defencely, Pricing is decent, most of the latest security threats are difficult to trace but this tool employs strong set of Algorithms that are capable of spotting the flaws and fix them.

I believe that I have talked on most required and necessary tools to make your site well known as well securing it. If you have already used any of these tools and want to add more, you are most welcome to comment below.