FatCow Blends Affordability & Usability At Best

Hi Folks! Are you looking for a web hosting provider that does offer reliable web-hosting services without charging a hell? Are you looking for a web host that has kept minimal designs and layouts throughout the site as to enhance its Usability? After all, do you need a web host that proves it worthy of what you pay? If you have an affirmative answer for all these questions, we hope you deserve to be known more about FatCow, which is one of the most popular and widely used web hosting providers in the industry of web hosting. First, we will have an introduction to FatCow and its various web hosting services and then move onto other parts of this FatCow review. So, shall we start?fatcow

FatCow — an Introduction

As we said, FatCow is a web hosting provider that offers different kinds of web hosting services, such as follows:

  • Shared Web Hosting that is suitable for low-resource-consuming websites and blogs, which will also be low / medium in terms of traffic as well. So, if you need to build a small website or blog for you, shared hosting is a best option, primarily because of its affordability and simplicity in terms of UI.
  • Virtual Private Servers are for those who need enhanced security and performance when compared to what is offered by shared web hosting servers. VPSs can be quite helpful when you want to have a space in web that is not shared with someone else.
  • Dedicated Server: Dedicated server hosting from FatCow is all about leasing a fully-fledged server for your own use. So, you have the complete freedom to do whatever you want with the website, given that you are an expert enough to accomplish those tasks. Indeed, for beginners, management of a dedicated server might be a tough task, despite the simple UI FatCow hosting offers.
  • WordPress Hosting is an optimized kind of web hosting service that focuses WordPress bloggers & developer community, mainly because they will be looking forward to set up WordPress in an optimized environment as to have maximum performance and results.

Thus, you can approach FatCow for almost every kind of web hosting need you will come across, and FatCow is sure to have a suitable plan for you, even in your tighter budget. Also, it has to be noted that FatCow offers free domain name when you purchase a hosting service from the firm. Altogether, FatCow is a truly affordable option, especially when you can cut around $10 from the budget.

Notable Additions

One of the most noticeable additions of FatCow hosting services is the availability of quick installation scripts that’ll help users, especially newbies in the field, to set up Content Management Systems and blogging platforms such as WordPress in their web server without that much glitch. On the other hand, in order to help you improve visibility of site, you have access to advertising credits in various platforms like Adwords, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo. Altogether, FatCow offers more features than you expect at this rate.

Final Decision

In light of all these sections, FatCow is undoubtedly the best as far as a normal web-based professional is concerned! So, we are eager to hear from you.