Earn Money by Selling Ad Space On Your Blog

When a blog reaches a certain major milestone in the trafficking journey it’s time to get some capital flowing in. I mean there has to be some perks to having your own website or blog. But when you come to think of it, the questions you ask yourself is ‘where do I start?’ or ‘How do I do it?’ Well, here we can start with the simple easy steps to get adds on you blog.earn money by selling ad space

Step 1: Traffic Evaluation

Before deciding how much money you want, you need to take out the statistical value of the traffic on you blog. Because when you start talking with an advertiser, he would first want to know how much popular your blog is, so that he can deal with the pricing issue accordingly. Luckily you would already have this information in the form of:

Demographics: The amount of people that visit from different countries in the world, usually given in percentages of numerical values.

Alexa Rank: A free tool that you can use to calculate how your site or blog is ranked among million other sites and blogs. It will judge the blog according to trafficking, graphs of views, clicks and searches.

Monthly/daily page views: you have to enlighten the advertiser with the views you get in a month or a day.

Monthly/Daily unique visitors: And at the end you, you have to top it up with how many unique page viewers you get per month or per day and you’ll be guaranteed an add on your blog.

Step 2: Add and money planning

After gathering the above information, you need to decide what form of advertisement are you allowing on you blog. You can opt for banner style adds, or text link style adds, or even opt-in form of an add. There are many available for you to choose according to the space on your blog.

Following your decision on what type of adds you are offering, you have to choose a pricing model.

CPC: Cash per click. The advertiser gives you money on the basis of how much the ad is clicked.

CPM: Cash per Impression. Your advertiser will play you an allocated amount of money when the ad has made a certain amount of impressions.

Flat rate: This model is used for the top ranked blogs. Because the blog is frequently visited, the advertisers layout a flat rate. This means that you’ll get paid a fixed amount of money, no matter how many clicks or impressions the add gets. The money is constant.

Step 3: Declare Free Space

Now, you need to let the advertisers know that your offering free space for their adds. What you do is create a significant space with text saying ‘Your Add here’

This will let the advertisers know that your open for business.

Step 4: Finding the advertisers

After you’ve done everything above, it’s time to meet the advertisers. You need to go meet them on online forums and networks like: www.buysellads.com

A leading advertisement platform for both buyers and sellers. Although you do not get all the money as these platforms get a share of the money you earn but the share you get is still worth it. So sign up! And get the money flowing in.