DoFollow and NoFollow : A View from Different Angle

dofollow and nofollowDear Bloggers, SEO experts and all those who loves virtual world online – We all are the dumbest people assuming dumbness is measured relatively. Unfortunately, we are competing with bigboss or you may say almighty of this virtual world, Google. But here God too has a backbone (Sorry if you hurt dear Google!). And that backbone is Backlinks. Panda is constantly updated and penguin less frequently by Google to keep this backbone away from being diseased. Google PageRank and SERP are based upon these backlinks. You can classify these links as Do-follow and No-follow links. So, let’s look (Obviously neither with a microscope nor with professional camera) to these classes from a traditional as well as different angle.


Every link have a attribute ‘rel’, if we set its value to ‘dofollow’ then link become ‘dofollow’ link and Google bot follow this link.

e.g. <a href=  rel=”dofollow”> My Sample Domain</a>

When Google bots crawl through the webpage with such do-follow link, they redirect themselves to the linked page and pass the link juice to that particular page. (All websites especially blogs are Vampires with mutual understanding!!! Just kidding, no offense, I am a blogger too. )


If we set ‘rel’ attribute value to ‘nofollow’ then link become ‘nofollow’ link and Google bot will not follow this link.

e.g. <a href=  rel=”nofollow”> My Sample Domain</a>

No link juices exchanged this time!

Google’s View and Use of No-follow:

“ We don’t follow No-follow links.” – Google has explained once. But it is not as simple as that. We all know that where No-follow is used. So many high authority sites are using this tag just to stop exchanging link juices with other sites with little authority. It is also used in the comment section to decrease the spam, I am not considering the worst thing in the blogging arena, comment luv (Don’t hit screens!). Bloggers are also using sometimes if they are wise for the paid links on their blogs. This is what I have mentioned as a traditional view earlier in my article.

Oh! I forget Do-follow?

Not at all. As you all know do-follow link will pass link juices as stated earlier. It can be achieved by guest blogging and blog commenting.

What is new angle?

People stay away from No-follow if they are providing guest post or while commenting on a blog. As they know that Google does not count it and No-follow links will not help them to improve Google Page Rank. Here are certain facts.

  • Google has said that there are other search engines too and we don’t know how they are treating No-Follow links.
  • Link Popularity – This is the future of SEO. Believe me Google, in order to promote healthy practices will consider this factor with big emphasis. Link popularity will be increased by No-follow links. So if you are getting No-follow links from a higher authority and Google PR site that don’t just say NO. Go and grab it.
  • Branding has less importance if your site is not a static business one. But branding your blog also does matter a lot. You will get loyal but steady user base by receiving No-follow links from good sites.

I still remember Do-follow:

  • If you are getting link juice and consequently a share of Page Rank via Do-follow link, then you may also get a penalty or decrease in rank via that link too.
  • If you are linking to a particular site and the site’s ranking go down due to certain reasons then you should be prepared to suffer to a lesser extent.

So, now it’s you say how to maintain a good balance between Dofollow and Nofollow links, if you are aiming at longer term future for your site.

Author Bio:

Anirudh is Young Aged Passionate Blogger from India and blogs at ExceptNothing. Interested in Logo Designing, Intro Creation and other types of Graphic Designing. Mail him at [email protected]