Does Google Plus Have The Business Advantage

google plus business advantageGoogle, the leader in search engine, has made its presence felt in nearly all fronts. From cloud service to operating systems, it has likewise ventured into social media with the launch of Google+. But up to now, most businesses have not yet switched to the service. In the face of other popular social media services such as Facebook and Twitter, what advantage does Google+ have that will make it attractive to business establishments?

Ryan Negri, founder of high-end electronic gadgets seller Negri Electronics based in Las Vegas, believes that businesses will soon make the jump to Google+ because it has some advantages for small businesses compared to Facebook. He cites circles as being more flexible than Facebook groups. He said that the latter is not designed for businesses since it can be included in a company’s Facebook page. The only way for businesses to connect with people in the pages is if they “like” the page.

On the other hand, Google+ has brand pages that can be managed by several employees. The business is in full control of their circles. They can put any Google+ user to the circle even without the approval of the user.

Google+ has around 50 million users, it is just 1/6 the size of Facebook. So the question for some businesses is why would they bother to consider getting a Google+ account? For one, it can help a business get good ranking on Google. Creating circles on the network will auger well for your desire to generate search engine traffic to your site. Links from Google+ are “followed” in contrast with Facebook and Twitter which is “no follow.”

Another advantage of Google+ that businesses can take advantage of is the “first-mover policy.” If you put your business on the circle early, chances are you will get more following than those who join the fray late. This is quite evident in Twitter with the people who first joined the network had the largest number of followers.

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