Do You Really Need a High Speed Internet to be a Successful Blogger?

high speed internetWhen it comes to blogging a lot of us only focus on some things that are of little importance while neglecting some very important things. Some people only believe blogging success is all about writing a few posts and getting traffic to their blogs while forgetting that traffic is only half the game; you need a very reliable web hosting company, a stable and secure computer and a very fast internet access to help ensure you’re always able to update your blog anywhere you are in the world.

The question now is do you really need a high speed internet access to be a successful blogger? While this question might be a little bit technical I would like you to know that you don’t necessarily need a super fast internet connection to be successful as a blogger but the kind of internet connection you use will play a huge role in the results you will achieve.

Keep Up With the Trends

One great trait of successful bloggers is that they keep up with the trend and they are always ready for improvement. Successful bloggers are not just static but they are analytical and on the lookout for ways to get more results from their blogging efforts. This can be easily proved by some highly successful bloggers like Darren Rowse from and Pat Flynn from If you take a look at these two bloggers you will notice that they are both successful and initially started blogging with “text” only but you will see that Darren introduces videos on his blog once in a while, while Pat is known for using podcast effectively: Pat even claims that making use of videos and podcasts is highly instrumental to his success.

My point is this, not every successful blogger uses multimedia but it has been observed that multimedia makes it easier for bloggers to have a higher chance of success. Now, it is one point to create your video, audio or podcast and it is another point to get it online. How fast your internet connection is will determine how far you will go with the latest technologies because video and multimedia files a very large and it can take a dial-up connection days to upload them while it will only take a super fast broadband internet connection minutes.

A New Way to Deliver Content

Another great trait of highly successful bloggers is that they are very wise and always ready to diversify. If you take a look at the blogosphere you will notice a major trend, and that trend is that over 90% of all the blogs online are only going after one form of content; and that form is text/writing. While it is great to write and many people prefer to read their content that way there is still a very large and hungry audience waiting to be satisfied and this audience is the multimedia based audience. You can easily take your blog to the next level by focusing your efforts on multimedia blogging: another thing about multimedia blogging is that it isn’t presently saturated so you will have enough time and spend less efforts if you plan to venture into it.

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