Do We Need Business Cards When We Have Pokens

poken business cardBusiness cards are fast becoming extinct in today’s gadget crazy world; they are being replaced by the electronic counterparts referred to as Pokens. These Pokens not only let people exchange personal data, but also provide several other additional services- the most useful being allowing the exchange of social media information!

What are Pokens?

When two devices have installed the Poken app touch, they can exchange information via a technology called the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. On meeting, the two devices glow to indicate a successful exchange of information. This means that each device has registered the other device’s unique ID. This unique ID links to the user information that has been uploaded before on the Poken website.

Once the device has received a Poken tag from another device, the user connects his device to a computer via the USB port. The user then logs in to his account on poken’s official website and syncs his Poken to decide which information he wants to upload in order to have access to it. The information the user can share with the other party is customizable. A lot of useful information can be shared this way. For example, a user can exchange his Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook ids with other persons, just like I exchanged the Facebook page link of my coupon blog that shares vistaprint coupon code and 123 print coupons with my friends.

Why Pokens score over Business Cards?

Pokens are eco-friendly alternatives to the paper business cards. In addition to helping save paper, Pokens save a lot of money (The costs involved in printing business cards, can be prohibitive). Because they are electronic, they can store far more information than business cards ever could. Because Pokens are customizable, they allow a user to exchange exactly the kind of information he wishes to share, depending on the scenario. For example, during personal social occasions a user can hand out personal information and at work he can hand out work related information.

There is no danger of ever losing a Poken, unlike business cards that are easily lost. They are automatically organized and easily accessible at any time via a phone or a computer. Also, there is no need to lug around stacks of business cards whenever a person has to network. All he needs is the Poken app on his Smartphone. Good news is that, Pokens allow the transfer of music files, pictures, videos and documents as well.

Pokens allow the user to interact with the world around him as well. It allows the user to “collect” places around him by touching the device (through the NFC technology) and obtain information about them on the screen.

Pokens score better with Potential Customers

No one likes to hire someone who is behind the times (in this case, someone who is using paper business cards!). Customers are looking for technology savvy people in today’s day and age, and the easiest way to let them know you are technology savvy is by using Pokens. The first impression is the last impression, as they say, and you can create great first impressions by using Pokens. Also, customers will have access to quality information about you and your business through the Poken, giving them a solid reason to buy your service or your product.