Creating Social Purchase Pages for Your Own IM Projects

internet marketing projectsYou can use the SP script for almost any kind of Internet marketing project. If you’re looking to get a LOT of fans for your FB fan page in any niche, a LOT of (viral) traffic, leads that you can always email and instant sales then this is definitely the fastest way to do so and the best thing is you will also have their email addresses and you can email them broadcast messages from within the script as well. Because the script has a very powerful viral ability you can host a buy now button as an option on a SP page which will make sure you get those instant sales. The Sky is the limit with the Social Purchase script and there are many ways to be creative with it.

Here are some tips I have for you:

  • Make sure you have a really cool and unique offer you can give away for free. You can get a PLR product that you have give away rights over.
  • Use the script to host the buy now button and the Social Purchase button on the page you will be creating. This will make sure you give people a choice to either buy it with money or buy it via their social networking abilities. This will also raise the value of that what you are giving away. Who doesn’t want to get something for free if it’s of value?
  • · If you don’t have a list or any traffic at your disposal, ask your friends and family to Social Purchase it. When they do so they can start the snowball  effect so you can reach a lot of people real fast.

I really recommend trying to play with the SP script first, see how you want to put it to work and then create your campaigns. You can also get a FB fan page you created a lot of FB Likes that you can then sell to someone else or allow advertisers to post ads on your page for advertising fees. Anything is possible.