Choosing a Web Developer: Six Questions to Ask Before Signing a Contract

Choosing a web developer can be a challenging decision, especially for new business-owners.  Before your pen gets anywhere near a dotted line, you need to have a good understanding of the contract you are entering to.   There are 6 questions that are essential to discuss with your potential development partner. Each question reveals what the developer can do for you, and it also reveals what sort of commitment you will get out of the arrangement.

1. How Long Is The Term Of This Contract?

To ensure that your website is responsive to the changing needs of your business especially early-on, it is essential that you have the services of the developer secured  for a sufficient period.  Sites need to be flexible so that they can be changed to meet the needs of new products, to be even more user-friendly, or to do redesigns with the change or a logo or key marketing campaigns. How long the developer sticks around determines how strong your bottom line is. An advisable contract length would be a year. In one year, you can get everything up and running, have a chance to make changes, and learn what the developer’s approach is. This learning period will help you when it comes time to renew the contract and you must decide if you still need assistance or not.

2. What Do You Offer?

Some web developers build basic webpages and move on. You might have thought you were getting more from the agreement, but a web developer of integrity is going to tell you exactly what sort of site they will build and what features it will have.  Make sure you clearly outline your expectations to the developer and take a look at some of their previous work to ensure they can deliver what you need.

3. What Sort Of Consultation Will I Receive?

 It’s one thing to agree to a contract with a web developer, but it is quite another to get a full consultation from the developer before they get to work. Will you get to meet with them in person, or will you be video-conferencing with them? What sort of availability will they have after the website is up and running?

4. How Much Does It Cost?

It’s wise to determine how much do you owe them when you sign the deal; but you also need to understand how much will the services cost over the long run? You need to know how much they charge per hour, how much they charge to perform specific services, and how/if those prices could change.  Many inexperienced businesses find themselves bleeding funds into a web-developer because they didn’t determine budget limits before making an agreement.

5. How Do We Get Access To The Site?

When a web developer is putting together a website, they need to make sure that you have full access to your own product. Yes, they are designing the site, but you as the business owner/manager should be able to get at whatever you need when you need it. This includes having e-mail access through the website and the ability to look at the project’s progress.

6. When Will It Be Finished?

Having a timetable for launching the site is crucial in a contract of this nature. The developer has to agree to a timetable for a launch that aligns with your business’ needs.  Make sure to include contract language that states penalties if this timetable is breached.  This will keep your developer on track and provide you with recourse if terms are not met.

There are many fly-by-night web development groups and individuals out there.  Many won’t be able to deliver the service you need.  Working with a developer with a proven track-record, like SolutionStream java developer company, will help to mitigate your risk.  As you do your research and ask these essential questions, you will have the confidence you need to sign a contract with a reasonable assurance of a strong return.