Blogging Your Way To Accountability

You may not realize it, but a blog could save your life. You can use a personal blog as a tool for accountability. It’s a way to open yourself up and let other people see that you are flawed just like they are, but in turn, you can use it to help fix those flaws (if that’s what you want to do).Blogging Your Way To Accountability

You aren’t the only person in the world that should exercise more often or the only person that has a shopping addiction, or the only person who hoards things. Instead of feeling alone in your world start blogging about your habits, and you’ll start to see them change. You also might meet some people that can help you, or help some people in the process!

Notice Spending Habits

Start out by paying attention to your spending habits, and talking about them on your blog. This is an especially good idea for someone that has a shopping addiction. Each time you shop blog about your purchases. What did you buy, how much did you spend, was it something you wanted or something you needed, and how did it make you feel to buy it?

You can also blog about your credit debt or other money debts. Maybe you bought a new sweater instead of paying the electric bill on time. Why did you make that choice? How are you going to work to change these bad choices?

Push Your Goals

Use your blog to push your goals as well, it’s a great active place to post daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals, and helps keep you accountable. Post your goal list, then go back and edit as you complete items, and include something about how long it took you to accomplish stuff and how it made you feel.

Keeping track of all of your feelings this way is another way to work on accountability. When you see that spending less makes you happier and that completing your to-do list each day makes you do a happy dance you’ll want to continue these positive behaviors, instead of the negative ones. Having it on your blog just makes it so it’s simple to go back to and view.

Get You Moving

Fitness is a great thing to blog about, and having a blog about your fitness endeavors will make you realize how much or how little you’re really accomplishing. You can include before/after and during photos, keep track of the food you eat, and even share exercises that have worked best for you.

Others will gladly follow your fitness blog because there are plenty of people out there struggling to get healthy and find the motivation to work out on a daily basis. Even when you miss a workout, blog about it and explain why to yourself if no one else, then you can work on why that was a good or bad excuse to neglect your health.