The 4 Blogging Secrets I Learned From Weight Loss

Blogging SecretsWeight Loss and Blogging are two huge industries that have been targeted by “internet marketers” who wish to make a quick buck. There are a lot of diets that promise big results in a short timeframe. Likewise, there are also many sites that promise to boost your blog’s traffic overnight and help you make millions of dollars…for just $47.

A few years ago I embarked in an adventurous weight loss journey during which I became slimmer, healthier and learned many good habits. Not only did I lose over a stone but I was enriched by four powerful lessons I applied successfully in my blogging career. I will share these lessons with you in this article:

1.     Your Body Needs Variety – So Does Your Blog

In the weight loss industry commercials and ads claim that if you eat more of one thing (think dairy, Special K, chicken, etc.), then you will lose weight. Many even challenge consumers to this test. While these promises sound enticing, eating one kind of product is not only nutritionally unhealthy, but there usually isn’t any actual proof that these claims work. Your body needs variety.

In your blog, are you doing the same thing to your readers? Do you feed them the same content again and again, promising they’ll like it and learn something? While you have your niche, try to vary your content. Introduce guest bloggers. Switch up your style for a post. Make a video instead of writing.

2.     Your  Body Needs Nutrition – So Do Your Blog Readers

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. While counting calories alone seems easy enough, look at the type of calories you are consuming. That soda was 300 calories, but did it provide you with anything your body can use? Probably not—most sodas are chock full of sugar and not much else. Now what if you used those 300 calories to consume something nutritious? You could eat a bowl of fruit, some veggies, or other healthy snacks.

Your body needs nutrition, but so do your readers. Are you giving your readers meaningful calories? Your readers don’t have to read your blog, they can click over anywhere else and enjoy the content. To keep readers coming back to your site, write meaningful content for your niche that keeps your readers coming back for more.

3.     Weight Loss Needs Discipline – So Does Your Blog

Our genetic makeup is very remarkable, but was designed for humans before food became so highly processed. We are used to high-calorie food and we eat a lot of it, but our stored calories just turn into fat. Because of this, we need to discipline ourselves to watch our caloric intake and use up any extra calories we have consumed.

Like how our bodies naturally work against us, the web is a vast and scary place for a new blogger. The blogging world can be very competitive and unpredictable.  However, if you discipline yourself with regular posting and promotion you will soon reap the results of your work.

4.     A Diet is Personal Matter – So is Your Blog

If you work in an office, you know how hard it can be to ignore social temptation to eat sweets. You may be tempted to eat because everyone else is eating, or because work stressed you out today, or for any other reason. When you get a craving to eat something, first ask yourself—are you hungry, or are you just responding to your environment? You have a choice to eat something you don’t need, or to say no.

Your blog might emulate your favorite blogs. It might also be something totally different from what anyone else has done. While emulation is a great way to figure out the styles you like and to find your own voice, it’s the unique voices that get noticed, not the one’s we’ve already heard.

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