Blogging Mistakes You Should Never Commit

blogging mistakesIf done the right way, blogging can enhance the blogger’s knowledge about the chosen niche. By making blog entries on a regular basis, a blogger also enhances his writing skills. It can also be an excellent medium in expressing one’s thoughts since it has a great potential of having strong online presence. And should the blog become successful, it can even be a good source of income.

However, while a lot of bloggers take time and effort in researching for helpful tips, they fail to take note of things that they should never do in blogging. A lot of bloggers may have been putting into practice some of the items in the list, thinking it’s alright to do so. Thus, it’s time to be enlightened and stop doing these acts or never do them in the first place.

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7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

  • Having long intervals between blog post entries – Blogging requires determination from the blogger since it will require consistent stream of fresh, informative and interesting content to keep the followers and to attract new ones. Having long intervals between blog post entries will make the readers think that the owner itself does not take the blog seriously. If that is the case, how can the followers be expected to do the same?
  • Spamming – This is a no-no in blogging and other online activities such as social media marketing. A lot of bloggers may think that being persistent is the key to getting followers. On the contrary, forcing readers will only drive them away. Worse, word of mouth will reach the blogosphere about the blogger’s spamming activities.
  • Plagiarizing or spinning other blogger’s content – Going back to the first item in the list, bloggers need new ideas every now and then. This is where the temptation to copy other blogger’s articles comes in. Even spinning other articles is not acceptable. One way to get away with this drawback is to be open to guest posts. A lot of bloggers will be happy to do this provided that he will be allowed to include a backlink to his blog.
  • Not search engine optimizing the blog – The most advanced SEO strategies may be too technical for most bloggers. However, there are a few SEO strategies that simple to implement but can make a significant difference for the blog. Among these are creating headlines that are unique, specific, implies importance and relevant. It is also important to fill in the page titles and description fields. A recognizable URL for the contents such as is important in optimizing the blog for search engines.
  • Not taking advantage of popular social media sites – In blogging, bloggers should not limit themselves to ‘blogging’ alone. If they want their blog to prosper or at least survive, they should take some time and effort to promote it. One of the best ways to do this is by social media marketing.
  • Not having the right tools and facilities – A blogger may have the drive, writing skills, SEO knowledge, large network, etc. But using a computer and internet connection that belongs in the dark ages will get in the way of the blog’s success. If a blogger is determined in his blogging venture, it would be best to invest in a fast PC or laptop. A high speed internet connection will also allow the blogger to do all the necessary online activities important for the blog. The blogger may ask around but one of the best ways to find the ideal high speed internet connection and provider is by consulting broadband comparison sites such as

Final Words

A lot of bloggers may find the items in the list plain and unfussy. For this reason, bloggers should be able to understand this guide and avoid doing any of these activities that will kill the blog in no time.


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