Blogging Goals For 2012

blogging-goals-2012It is that time of the year when we analyze our past mistakes and make new goals for next year. If you are a blogger and really serious about your blog then I am sure you are looking for ways to add value to your blog in 2012. As a blogger I want to set realistic goals that can be achieved.Try to take those following positive steps and make the coming year a great one for your blog.

Before setting goals for the next year, don’t forget to analyze where you stand this year. Set a timeline and analyze your progress report over the year. If it is possible go for a monthly progress report in terms of number of articles, monthly revenue earned, number of subscribers etc.

Set realistic goals

Try to set goals that are attainable.For example your blog PR is 1 and you are setting goal for raise it to PR 6. Then it is totally unrealistic. If your blog is very new and you are planning to make $1000 from it per month then you will really fail to do that. Take baby steps and make a plan to reach your goals.

Guest posting

Start guest posting on other blogs and believe me you can get lots of benefits from it. Guest posting is one of the best way to advertise your blog to a large number of audience. Find large blogs under your niche and start guest posting on them. Don’t forget to write a quality post otherwise your post will be rejected. Make sure the post adds value to people‚Äôs lives in some way.

Time management

Time management is always an issue foe bloggers.If you are not a full-time blogger like me and have a 9-5 job or you are a student, you must take the time for your blogging. In such situation you can write blog post or post ideas in your mobile or laptop in your launch time. Writing content is the hardest part. If you complete this task in your launch time later you can easily transfer it to your WordPress blog.


If you are running several blogs or have a 9-5 job like me then instead of trying to do everything, you can outsource your work to someone else. Sites like digital forums, Fiverr are the best place to outsource your work at a reasonable price. Outsourcing may save you a lot of time for a little money.

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