Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Hide Affiliate Links

WordPress Plugins to Hide Affiliate LinksAlmost all bloggers use affiliate links on his/ her blog to make money online from it. Usually affiliate links look pretty ugly. But world’s most popular blogging platform WordPress offers several ways by which we can hide our affiliate links and make them look pretty and short. In this post I’ll share a list of plugins, which will help you to hide your affiliate link and increase your sales.

Best WordPress Plugins to Hide Affiliate Links

Go Codes

One of the best WordPress plugin to hide affiliate links. This plugin not only hide your affiliate links but also helps you to maintaining SEO of your site. Go codes plugin comes with lots of options. It makes your affiliate link nofollow automatically and keep a track of no. of clicks on your affiliate links.

Pretty Link

Pretty link is my most favorite affiliate link cloaking plugin. More than 400k bloggers around the world use this plugin on their blog. Like Go codes plugin, it also has nofollow option which is good for SEO and provides special features such as 307 temporary and 301 permanent link options. If you are looking for a free affiliate cloaking plugin then pretty link is the best.


Another simple plugin to hide your affiliate link. This small and light affiliate link hiding plugin automatically convert all your outgoing links to internal links. If you are new to affiliate marketing, this is the best plugin to hide your affiliate links.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

Like all other affiliate link cloaking plugin, Affiliate link cloaking plugin also hide your affiliate links from visitors and redirects them directly to product site, so that your visitors can’t remove your affiliate id. This plugin can also tracks the hits and unique visitors of each link. You can find which cloaked links perform well and which need to be modified or removed.

Affilinker Affiliate

This WordPress plugin automatically convert any given keywords into profitable affiliate links and the Affiliate Links on Posts/Pages are not visible to Google or other major search engines. With this plugin you can customize your every affiliate links with different colors, different styles.