Best SEO Tools

Bloggers live in their own world. They isolated themselves, by choice, from real world. They belong to a community which is so passionate about internet, website, Google, SEO and Tips and tricks for SEO. There was an era when you have a PC and still you have to scratch your head, deal with lots of stuffs manually; if you were in SEO at that time. But now you have the tools. I define that tools as SEO machines (they are reducing human efforts after all). Here are certain tools that will help you immensely for SEO.

3 Best SEO Tools

best seo tools

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google is omnipresent; a God like figure who is present everywhere as far as internet is concerned. So many people are avoiding the most important part of SEO, keyword research. They don’t know that they have a classic tool from almighty of internet climate. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is not basically developed to help SEO professionals. It is actually derived for Advertisers to select keywords. But it is also useful for bloggers as well as to SEO professionals to prepare strong keywords. Ziffen SEO Tools Blog also listed Google Adwords keyword tool as the best free SEO tool in one of their recent post. It has 3 columns.

  • Advertiser competition
  • Search Volume
  • Average Search Volume

You can pick a most competitive keyword using this tool.


There is no doubt about that these tools are leading the market nowadays. They are providing multiple services in a single pack. The services are ranging from Keyword research to Analytics. It also provides a Dashboard to work on. It is easy to customize it and use our own logo on the Dashboard. It also provides tools for preparing reports and extracting files. It is value for service pack for small to middle level organizations or firms active in communication, I.T. or SEO sector. The services are available in prizes ranging from 99$ to 249$.


This is also a single pack multi utility tools developed by American software development company SEOmoz.Inc based in Seattle. These tools are providing services ranging from Rank Checker to Keyword analysis. There are other services also available through SEOmoz such as moztrust, which acknowledge you with the reliability of a website in comparison to other ones. Website or blog auditing tools are also available from SEOmoz. This whole pack is quite beneficial for in-house SEOs. It is available in prize range of 99$ to 499$.

So, do not work so hard, work smart.
Precaution: Don’t just rely on Tools use your heads too.