Best Dropbox Plugins For WordPress

Best-wordpress-Dropbox-PluginIf you are a blogger and have your blog hosted on WordPress, then this post is going to be helpful for you. There are many plugins related to different categories that you can use on your WordPress blog. The craze of cloud service is at its best and when we talk about cloud file storage service, then Dropbox is the name that shines the most in the list. There are many Dropbox plugins for WordPress. Selecting the best out of them may be task of pain, therefore I decided to make this list in which I am providing the list of best Dropbox plugins. So let’s have a look at it.

1. WordPress Backup To Dropbox

Undoubtedly the best in the list is WordPress backup to Dropbox plugin. This plugin creates the backup of your WordPress blog, all the necessary files and saves it in the Dropbox account. Using the plugin is very easy. Just download the plugin and install it on your WordPress blog. Once activated, link it with your Dropbox account and then set the frequency of creating backup. This plugin has been downloaded over 20000 times till date and this shows the features of the plugin itself.

2. Dropbox CDN

Dropbox CDN is must have plugin for all WordPress users. This allows the webmasters to upload the CSS, HTML files from the WordPress to the Dropbox account directly. This results in saving the files on Dropbox server instead of the local server. This is very good for bloggers having limited bandwidth. Also the speed is more which means more visitors and hence more success in blogging.

3. Dropbox Sync

Have some images in your Dropbox account that you want to use in your posts? Perform this task with ease by using this plugin. It allows you to integrate the images into posts by taking them from your Dropbox account. Since the images are loaded from the Dropbox server, so more speed and faster loading will be there by using this plugin. Moreover, you can use this plugin to take the backup of important files.

4. Pressbox

This plugin adds a new tab in the media editor. The new tab allows you to upload the images and other files in your blog or blog posts by taking them from your Dropbox account. You just need to link your Dropbox account with this plugin and then you can use the direct uploading feature from your Dropbox account.

5. WP Time Machine

This is another good plugin to take the backup of your WordPress database. You can take the backup manually or can also assign time for it. You can automate the task of taking backup to have an automatic saving of your WordPress related files in your Dropbox account.

Dropbox is an awesome cloud storage service and becomes even better, when using it for blogging purposes. These plugins can surely help you to work with Dropbox+WordPress. In case, if you’re using some other cloud service then here is a tutorial to transfer files from SkyDrive/ Google Drive to Dropbox. You can also manage multiple cloud services using this tool.

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