Beginner Tips for Starting a Successful Blog

Starting a Successful BlogStarting a new blog is something that can be done in some minutes, but starting a successful blog is something different. It takes more time and pondering, real time planning and strategic blogging.

Here are some practical tips to start a successful blog. first few tips tells you the preparation process; second few tips gives you direction to run a blog; the third teaches how to maintain your blog.

A better Plan

Before starting anything, even before buying a domain the most important task is making a good plan. visit most of the blogs in your domain realize essentials and carefully create your blog plan think of all blog sites you have around and prepare your full package which will cover most of the things your competitor has.

Audience research

Now you have a plan for your blog. Your blog’s design and content should be easy to take for your audience. Most of the blogs fails for irrelevant places of links or data is hard to find and access. Study about your audience group.

Things you need from audience research:

  1. Age group of Audience.
  2. Profession of most of audience.
  3. Region or area of audience.
  4. expectations of audience.

Non confusing and simple yet effective blog earns much more audience and loyalty rather then any other blog.

Invent something new

Now you have plan and you have research too.  Create all of the contents by yourself or buy them with assured uniqueness. This gives best result in search engine. Original contents are welcomed by readers as well as search engines.  Next time think twice before choosing any content for copy and paste.  Invent new contents and make it available for your readers.

Social Media

Social media can be a great resource for your blog if used properly. Usage of Facebook and Twitter is always recommended to connect with readers and other bloggers, but don’t let your eye move from target. First focus on the writing posts then after social media.

Learn keyword research and SEO

At this step you have finished most of important tasks now make your blog to run rather than make it to walk. Research keywords for SEO. This is the heart of successful blog. Make your blog as much as search engine friendly to get free audience(SEO gives you advertisement free audience). Give as much as attention on SEO.

Market your blog

Once you finished everything you have to start marketing as early as possible. At this point of time apart from your family and friends no one knows about your blog. You have to start grabbing attention of visitors and net surfers. You can’t just sit around waiting for people to come and find your blog or you. You have created a great blog, you have excellent write ups, but what is the use of all of your hard work if your blog is missing between millions of other blogs and websites.

Create almost 5 to 10 good, real time, original and help full blog posts before starting promotion of your blog. Nothing gives impression as bad as empty blog gives.

Once you start marketing of your blog, it can be free marketing over social media sites like Facebook / Twitter, or paid marketing on Google / infolinks. You will start getting flow of visitors. keep your blog updated; post new contents occasionally; use different-different ideas for better SEO; Make your blog present at everywhere from olx to linked-in and from Facebook to pintarest.