Beef Up The Online Security Of Your Website With Website Defender

windows defender The internet has literally become the lifeline of millions of people, not only in the US, but all across the world. The number of people relying on internet for several uses, from business activities to entertainment medium, is increasing like a jungle fire. For some, internet has taken the place of daily meal, without which one feels pretty inconvenient; especially those who run online business find them glued to internet.

However, internet is not highly inviting for genuine web users, who want to use it for some positive activity, but it also acts as a nucleus to criminal minded people seeking different ways to prey upon innocent internet users. Website security is one of the major issues boggling the minds of common web surfers as well as web gurus, and they are always looking to find solutions that can help them get rid of cyber criminals.

This has increased the importance of web designing to a great degree. Incorporating elements in web designing that make it difficult for cyber criminals to break through the security of a website, has become the need of the hour. A web design company that guarantees to take into account the security aspects of online presence of a website is the one people look for these days.

Website Defender

Website Defender is fast gaining recognition as one of the most reliable security solutions that website owners and web gurus can rely on. Currently, it is available in “beta” mode and offers highest degree of security against malware and hacking activities. It not only helps diagnose the exact problem by scanning a site, but comes up with the most convenient web solution as well. Website Defender relies on Acunetix based scanning solutions, which is a great assurance of high quality results in itself.

Guarding your website

IT gurus are in a constant battle with hackers and other rogue elements present in the virtual world. This not only makes it very challenging for web gurus, but it also helps in rapid growth and development of technology as well. Not only are tech-specialists sharpening their skills, but hackers are also on a quest of strengthening their arsenal base.

This entails technology specialists to come up with solutions that keep them ahead of hackers. Website Defender is one such technological evolution that helps website developers and website owners to keep themselves ahead of rogue activities of criminal elements prevailing in the virtual world.

Website Defender makes sure to detect any malware (software designed with malicious intent) present on a website with regular scanning and not only warns the website owners, but also suggests and implements remedial actions.

Google is reported to ban websites found with malware on them. Website Defender is one of the most reliable solutions in helping people take a breath of relief against any such ban by making sure to detect such software or some other evil-intent activity. A design company which relies on Website Defender is sure to get positive response from its clients due to the positive results it displays in this regard.

WordPress Compatibility

WordPress is definitely one of the most popular website development platform used all across the world and millions of websites and blogs are based on it. Therefore, a solution that is compatible to WordPress is the one that is going to prove helpful for a large proportion of web users. Website Defender has developed a plugin named “Secure WordPress Version 2.0” to make sure that it becomes compatible with the most preferred website development platform being used by millions of people all across the world.

High-end customer support

Website Defender makes sure in developing long term relationship with its client. That is why it is highly customer-support oriented solution with a dedicated blog helping the users 24/7 and 365 with any problems they may come across using it. This makes it even more preferable for website owners and web designers all across the world.

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