As a Blogger How To Manage Your Day

Manage your dayIf you are a new blogger and want to become a pro blogger and want to make money online then you have to maintain a strict daily schedule. I have seen many blogger who started a new site, updated for few weeks or months and then left. Yes, there are few blogger who works for few hours weekly and make huge earning. But it didn’t happen overnight. They have been working like mad for several years and still they are working. So, I request every new blogger to not give up within a few weeks or months. Believe me blogging can give you freedom, lots of money and international reputation. But you have to work hard,you have to learn lots of things. If you want to get success in blogging you have to maintain a daily schedule. So friends work hard today and play tomorrow. You also have another option play today and work hard tomorrow. Every morning before turning on your computer, sit down with a blank piece of paper and decide what will make this day highly successful. So friends, here is the schedule-

How to Manage Your Day as a Blogger

Content creation

It includes-

a. Writing posts for your blog.

b. Creating videos for your blog.

c. Changing your blog structure.


It includes-

a. Downloading and reading E-books to gain your knowledge.

b. Learn more about blogging.

c. Learn how to make your blog better.

d. Learn what you should do and not to do.

Marketing your blog

It includes-

a. Commenting on other blogs.

b. Submitting guest posts.

c. Social bookmarking.

d. Social networking.

e. Participating in forums.

f. Uploading videos to YouTube.

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