A Guide On Virtual Servers Hosting

In virtual servers hosting, a physical machine is divided into several virtual compartments and the software of the server is setup on them separately. Thus each unit is capable of functioning in an independent manner. Though other websites can also be hosted in the same physical system, the website of yours will be the only website which will be hosted in the virtual compartment allocated with independent CPU, disk space etc. for you. The other websites on the same virtual dedicated hosting will not affect your website performance. It is similar to the system where each website resides in an isolated room and sufficient resources are there to live with.virtual server hosting

What do you get with virtual servers hosting?

You are given a complete root access to your server like a dedicated server is given. But in technical terms you are in the same physical machine and sharing its CPU, bandwidth, disk storage etc. Virtual servers hosting provide complete control over the server you have and almost the same benefits you get through a pricey dedicated server. In this way you are receiving a virtual dedicated hosting server with a lesser pricing and higher performance than the shared servers.

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Virtual Vs shared hosting

Let us compare virtual servers hosting with shared hosting environment. Let us take the example of a real estate environment. Shared hosting environment is like renting an apartment where there is one landlord who is the hosting company who owns the full space and all the assets there.

The landlord leases the space and the community assets like pool, parking lots etc which you can match to disk space, RAM, CPU etc. and all the residents share the resources in common. This was the shared hosting environment. Now we come to the virtual dedicated hosting server hosting environment. It is the next step in that in which you actually own your space. You are still sharing the community assets but you have the actual claims to the certain portions of them. Unlike the apartment as in shared hosting, you have the responsibility of maintaining the interiors and making the repairs and modifications by your own. In addition, there are significantly lesser number of residents and you get assigned parking in bonus. You have rights to your own space and get the specific allocation of resources rather than pulling the things from a shared pool all the time.

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What is the right time to switch to virtual dedicated hosting?

You have the following good indications to tell you that it is the right time to make a switch to virtual servers hosting.

  • You start getting heavy traffic
  • You need better reliability and security
  • You have reached a point when you need complete control and server root access.

The indications shown above show that you need a virtual dedicated hosting. Start making preparation right now and select the most reliable and affordable hosting like Bluehost. While buying you can use bluehost coupon codes to save your hard earned money.