8 Best Ways to Improve Alexa Rank

Best Ways to Improve Alexa RankingIf you are a blogger like me then I bet you must heard about Alexa. After PageRank, this is the second most important thing, webmasters/bloggers give high importance. Most of the advertisers also use Alexa rank as a gauge to determine the worth of your blog/website. If you want to make money through blog advertising then you must have a good Alexa rank. Today, we would like to share the top 8 best way to improve Alexa ranking of a blog.

Claim Your Blog

This is the first and foremost method to boost your Alexa rank. By doing this you will get full control over your site and lets other people know that you are the owner of that blog.

Write a Review on Your Blog

It is one of the best way to improve your alexa rank.  You often review various products and services on your blog. It is time to write a review about alexa ranking and link back to alexa.com.

Put Alexa Widget on your blog/website

You can add an alexa widget on your blog like EarningDiary. Alexa record only those hits which passes through their systems. So, add an Alexa widget on your blog and improve your blog Alexa rank dramatically.

Get Traffic From Forums

Another easiest way to get better Alexa rank. People who use forums are bloggers and webmasters. Almost all bloggers install Alexa Toolbar on their browser. Be active in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Set Your Blog as Your Homepage

This is a killer way to boost your Alexa rank, if your blog/website is almost new. I have recently tried this method in one of my new blog and  got positive result.

Try to get reviews on Alexa

Getting review your site on Alexa will help you to improve your alexa rank quickly. Request all of your bloggers friends to write a review about your site on Alexa and ask them to give your blog a 5 star rank.

Recommend Alexa Toolbars to Others

You can request your friends, co-bloggers to install Alexa toolbar on their browser. Remember visitors with alexa toolbar are more valuable to your blog to improve its alexa rank.

Update Your Blog Regularly

Another handy way to boost Alexa rank. Try to update your blog frequently to improve your Alexa rank.Last year I was sick for 8-10 days and did not updated my blog during that period. Next month My Alexa rank reached 135k from 90k.

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