7 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

get more trafficWith a new year just starting, I’m betting that most of you bloggers, webmasters and e-entrepreneurs are thinking a lot right now about how you can make your sites bigger and more profitable this year. Well here are 7 ideas that you may not have already thought about:

How To Get More Traffic

Guest posting

Make a resolution to write a guest blog post every 2 weeks this year. Get into a habit of noting title ideas for articles related to your niche and regularly look for posting opportunities on some of the top blogs in your niche. Make the content good and you will get lots of positive exposure – you don’t have to even have a blog of your own to do this.


Is there something small and cheap related to your business model that you could sell on eBay? If you can sell a small widget at a break-even price you can pick up some new customers with a proven interest in whatever it is that you do.

Sponsor a blog

Give something away; approach a top blog with an idea for a competition or giveaway. Sell the benefits to the blog owner; they get to hold a giveaway which their readers will love and you donate the prize in return for a little credit. In the right niche this can work well for you, especially if the giveaway goes viral. Make sure the blog you approach is already very popular!

Ask for referrals

Some of your existing readers/customers will already be telling their friends, but most won’t. If you have an established visitor base, just asking them to tell their friends about you can work well – it’s easy and free.


Youtube is often referred to as one of the world’s largest search engines, but it is relatively underutilised for marketing because most people are scared to give it a go. If you have some media talent make 2012 the year you start building a presence on YouTube.


You probably already do SEO, but my guess is that you don’t do it well. Make another resolution to start investing some time every week into your site’s SEO – this time can include reading tips, but remember to actually put some into practice.

Email your readers

If you don’t already have a mailing list, start building one right now. If you already have one make sure you start actually emailing your readers regularly, start building a relationship and you will be able to monetize much more effectively.

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