7 Killer Tips About How To Choose a Blog Theme

Choose a blog themeIf you are new to the blogging world or planning to start a blog very soon then you must read this post. This post will guide you to choose the correct theme or template for your blog. You always remember that choosing a right theme or template will make for your blog one level higher. Just read this post and feel how easy it isĀ  to choose a right theme for your blog.

1. The first thing you should remember what is your niche and what feature you need from your theme or template. Each theme is different from others. They have different colors, designs, buttons etc. So, you must know what are your really want from a blog theme.

2. A good theme is always come with “SEO ready” feature.It does not mean that all SEO processes will be done by the theme itself. You must hire a SEO expert to do that if you are new to the blogging world.

3. Premium themes are always better than the free themes. But you don’t have to buy it, if you don’t really need it.

4. Always go for a widget ready theme. Just check that your theme already have a built in sidebar placement for RSS signup, email subscriptions, various social networking icons that helps you post your blog post easily on those site.

5. Your theme should be Adsense ready. I have seen that most of the theme have this important featureĀ  now a days.

6. How SEO friendly your theme is. This is another must have important feature.If you don’t know how to play with CSS and html it may be difficult for you to customize your theme.

7. The last thing I would like to recommended you is that always choose a frequently updated theme. Higher version theme means it has less bugs.

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