7 Big Mistakes You Can Make When Promoting Affiliate Products in Your Blog

big affiliate mistakesMany bloggers are testifying that it is difficult to promote affiliate products in their blog. Do you have the same problem? Yes, blogging is perhaps not the best way to promote affiliate products. That’s why most bloggers just use AdSense in their blog. Here are 7 big mistakes you can make when promoting affiliate products in your blog:

  1. Not using your mailing list

    If you don’t have a mailing list for your blog, you’re leaving the most profitable medium for affiliate promotion in your blog. That’s because if you’re promoting your affiliate products too frequently in your blog, it will only clutter your blog with advertisements. Thus, people will see your blog as less valuable. But, if you focus your promotion in your mailing list, you won’t clutter your blog with ads, which will make it more valuable to your readers.

  2. Not using video

    Blog and video are great combination to promote your affiliate products. In fact, it will help you to create a more compelling promotion in your blog. You can create a review video about your affiliate product and post it to your blog. This is a good way to create more interest for your affiliate product.

  3. Not using the product personally

    Since blog is a personal medium where you share information to your readers, it is better to promote affiliate products that you personally endorse. Not only will it strengthen your marketing message, it will also create more trust for your affiliate product. In this way, you are promoting your affiliate product as a real customer instead of a sales person.

  4. Promoting irrelevant products

    The product that you promote must be relevant with your blog topic. This includes each banner that you place in your blog. It is better to promote relevant products in your blog because you will see higher conversion rate and more sales from your promotion.

  5. Too much selling

    Build your blog around value, and avoid selling too much in your blog. Remember that your blog is the place to share good information to your audience, so it is generally not a place for selling. Wrap each of your affiliate promotion with valuable content to bring you better result.

  6. Not having good relationship with your readers

    The key to successful affiliate promotion in your blog is trust-building. You have to build trust first before you begin promoting your affiliate product. Position yourself as an expert in your niche, and make your affiliate promotion as your personal recommendation from you. This is the way you build good relationship with your readers, by building trust.

  7. Not promoting launch product

    Most bloggers miss this one simple money maker. A product launch will help you to generate good sales from your blog if you’re just willing to participate in it. If you see a product launch that is relevant with your blog, be sure to write some posts about it and give your readers your affiliate link to get more information. Inform your mailing list about the launch. In the launch date, you’ll see sales coming in very quickly.

Those are some big mistakes that you can make when you promote affiliate products in your blog. Avoid those mistakes if you want to promote your affiliate products successfully in your blog.