6 posts That Can Be Useful For User’s Engagement on Facebook

User’s Engagement on FacebookFacebook has turned out to be one of the biggest and leading social media network to date and has been preferred by most of the businesses especially when it comes to implementing and planning their social media marketing strategies. YouTube and Twitter are large mediums as well, but Facebook provides entrepreneurs with a marketing and promotional eco-system that is very much broad and multi-media rich. You will be coming across thousands of apps that are useful in connecting your business entity with marketing on Facebook. Facebook has turned out to be more as a vital part of our lives, but the Facebook ‘pages for businesses and brands have only been with us for hardly 3 years!

Businesses Are Still Learning!

Businesses are still in a process of learning all the effective and vital tactics that they can apply while they are participating as well as engaging their consumer base on Facebook. The queries they normally have are:

  • How often the content should be posted?
  • What kind of posts will be useful in driving fans and engaging them?
  • When the updates should be published on the Wall?

Research and studies indicate that there are different means to create the most effective and engaging techniques for retailers while interacting with them on the Facebook. I am to list down the 6 imperative ones here:

Best Time To Post

The reports show that the best time to post something on Facebook is during the times when your consumers are not at work and between the times of 8 PM to 7 AM. To get your fans engaged. You need to post during the ‘non-busy’ hours which would be helping your increasing your ‘comments’ and ‘likes’ for sure.

Best Day To Post

The best option for the brands to post or publish their content on Facebook is from Wednesday as well as Sundays. User’s engagement on these days is 8% likely to be more.

How Often The Content Should Be Posted?

Different researches indicate that the quantity does not matter but the quality does especially when you are considering publishing something on your wall. All such brand that post 1-2 posts daily are likely to have higher ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ compared to the ones postng3 or more times every day.

Effective Posts Every Week!

You can achieve utmost user’s engagement on Facebook not by overcrowding your users with News Feeds weekly. But, posting on your wall for 1-4 times is useful in producing 71% higher user’ engagement compared to those posting 5 or more posts in a weeks’ timeline for the businesses.

Length Of Your Posts

The wall posts with a minimum length of 80 characters are likely to receive 65% higher user’s engagement as compared to the longer ones. All such posts that are concise and are between 1-40 characters are useful in generating the highest user engagement.

Content of your Post

To get started, you should ask your fans with questions. Although questions asked by businesses tend to receive fairly low overall user’s engagement, but such posts are useful in generating more than double Likes and Comments for the ‘non-question’ Posts.