6 Must Have Social Media Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

must have social media pluginsOver the last two or three years,Social media dominated the whole World Wide Web. If you have a WordPress blog then you must know the importance of social media. With the help of some social media plugins we can constantly and automatically promote our contents by our own readers. But the problem is that there are lots of social media plugins. So you may be confused with them. In this post I would like to share some important and must have plugins for your WordPress blog.

Must Have Social Media Plugins for Your Blog

1.ShareThis:-This plugin works with any kind of WordPress theme. The most beautiful thing about this plugin is that you can easily customize it. Don’t forget to keep the number of available services to a minimum to avoid creating too much interference.

2.AddToAny:-Another popular WordPress social media plugin. Just within a few clicks your readers can share posts in social media. AddToAny connects your blog and readers with any kind of social media service and I bet some of them you have never heard.

3.SexyBookmarks:-This social media plugin offers a variety of options to share a post at the bottom of a page.You can customize this plugin easily and can choose from a variety of sayings, like “Share the knowledge” instead of the “Sharing is sexy”.

4.TweetMeme:-I have been using this plugin from the first day of blogging. This plugin creates a small button that lets blog readers easily retweet your blog posts to their followers. You can choose the size and position of the button.

5.Facebook Social Plugins:-If you would like to a Facebook “Like” button on every post without changing the CSS files of your blog theme then this is the plugin for you. Like other plugins this plugin also easily customizable.

6.DiggDigg:-Another easy to use and easily customizable awesome social media plugin. DiggDigg is an all-in-one social media plugin which allows your readers to easily share your content throughout social media. This plugin provides lots useful features.

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