6 Best Blog Tips for Beginners

Welcome back to Earningdiary. Do you want to learn how to blog, but do not know where to start? Let me give you some simple blogging tips.

It is not always easy to start with something new, so I thought I would help you in some way to give you 6 excellent blog tips you can start using now today. Many foot in his mouth when they start blogging, and without any proper guidance, the majority of the same mistakes. The making mistakes are not only frustrating, but it also throws away an incredible amount of time and energy.

best blog tipsSo, let’s take a look at what you can do to avoid these mistakes, and the tips that get you on the right path.

Now before we start, have you thought about why you want to blog?

There are many reasons to blog, but not many people spend a lot of time thinking it through.

So, let me show you the most reasonable choices to start with.

1. Choose a blog platform that will do you good

Many people start blogging from a free blog service right to delete because it’s free and very easy to set up. Blogspot.com and WordPress.com is one of the many blog platforms to choose from when states out.

But is this really what you want in the long run?

You may not realize it, but you have a good plan for what you want to do, it might be smart to just as well start with your own domain from the beginning. It need not actually be as expensive as it may sound, but if done right, it will save you a lot in terms of both time and money.

But make sure you choose the right blog platform, and you need to read more, then I recommend 6 Reasons Why choose WordPress as your blog platform.

This will not only get you on the right course with the same, but you also avoid the hassle of switching over to something more professional when the time comes for it.

2. Finding your own blog design

Once the choice has fallen on the platform you want to use, it’s time to find a good blog design. Like most, that means you’re probably not with so many hidden code knowledge to make your own design.

So, what to do this easily?

By default, most platforms with a very ordinary but boring design.

To start with this is then not something we want to do, what you want is to have a blog that is transparent, engaging and great to look at. In other words, a blog that gets your visitors to join.

Is not designed inviting it will result to a blog with little activity? It’s not something you want.

Most popular blog platforms come with a variety of pre-made templates that you can use, without paying anything extra.

And if the choice fell on WordPress platform, you have here on 1000’s of templates to choose from.

3. Choose a blog niche that suits you

Before you start blogging, it is important to think a little about what you want to blog about. Perhaps already have a good idea of what interests and knowledge you want to share. But choosing a niche is not always easy, If you want to build a blog with many readers, it is important to think about what people want to read.

What you can blog about that others want to read?

Not sure what people are searching for, you can here use keywords to find great blog tips ideas.

Even if you’re blog’s middle center, it is important to remember that others will come to you to feel at ease. They want to read something interesting, and can you give this they come back.

But remember, some of you, the most for others.

Are you thinking of the path, you will remember that others come to the blog to read something interesting and not particularly about you.

4. Set realistic goals

The schedule how often you want to blog is one of the most important pieces when it comes to building a successful blog. Just look at any blog. They were not popular because they blogged a few times. You are getting popular to have a theme that captivates others, but also because you post regularly. So it set up a plan for when you want to blog, is one of the most important things you can do.

What is it you want?

  • Do you want to blog every day?
  • Every other day?
  • Maybe just a few times a week?
  • Or … right to delete when you want?

Let me give you a tip, Make yourself a goal that suits you and your lifestyle

Do you want to blog every day, really good! But not just leave it the first week. Should you succeed in building a successful blog you must be consistent in your blog routines. Set yourself a goal for how often you want to blog and try to keep that goal as best you can.


It is better to start small and then build up.

5. Engage your readers

Having a blog with lots of text is not very exciting. As little exciting that you quickly find the back button. Do not let your blog be one of these. A blog created by life, gets people more engaged and eager to read what you write. For more life and joy, using photos and stories to engage your visitors. Photos and video evokes emotion, so use those as often as possible.

How about telling stories that engage your readers?

We love that. And last but not least, write as you speak. It gives your readers the opportunity to get to know you better.

This is your voice, and only you can stand it.

6. Write simple personal

Sentences are short, and especially easy to read, is not something we associate with what we learned in school. Well my Norwegian teacher would probably have pissed all over my writing style in many ways. To better, it is not when you mix a few dialects. So it will probably not an A + on this text given. But that’s okay. You see, we are not supposed to read a bunch of text. Studies actually show that the more text we have before us, the less eager we are to read.

Take a newspaper or magazine, for example

Why do you think these parts the text into small simple blocks?

Well it is not to make it difficult to read at least.

Imagine if the newspaper had text lengthwise across the page. Had you been motivated to read it?

Think about this the next time you read a newspaper or a magazine. And ask yourself if this is easy to read, and why.

And finally, do not overwhelm your readers with a bunch of text; it will only have a negative return.
Do not complicate. Make it easy to read.

So there you have 6 blog tips that will help you on your way to creating a successful blog.
I hope the article was helpful. Good Luck!

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