5 Things to remember when using pop ups on your blog

using pop upsWelcome back to EarningDiary. We all know that using pop ups is the best way to capture our visitors emails. But most often pop ups annoy people and and scare away your target audience. Still, since popups are very efficient in gaining newsletter subscribers and to marketing new products. So, you must use popups on your blogs to increase your newsletter subscribers. The main question is how to make popups less obtrusive, so that they are still present, yet not that annoying. Here are some simple tips for you to how to do it.

1.  Avoid using popups at startup.This type of popups, scare your visitors and make users leave your site rather than subscribe for your newsletter.

2.  Make your pop up appear only once to your readers. I have seen many websites/blogs that shows a new popups at each page refresh.

3.  Still you are in a mood to display popups more than once than include an option not to display more popups.

4.  Try to offer something that your target audience will find it interesting or valuable to them.

5.  Your popups must have a close button.If your visitors are not interested to what you offer, give them an option to easily close the pop up.So that they can continue to the site.

Which popup plugin You Should Use

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