5 Steps You Must Follow After Publishing Your Post

Steps You Must Follow After Publishing Your PostYou often write new posts for your blog/website and sometime you spend hours or days to complete a single post. But tell me honestly how much time you spend on a recently published blog post? Most of your answer is zero. I have seen many bloggers who logged out from their dashboard, immediately after hitting the publish button. Here we have collected 5 must do things immediately after publishing your post. Your writing may never be perfect, but you can try to make it nearer to perfect.

Read The Post Again

This is the first important step you must follow immediately after publishing your post. This will help you to find any grammatical and spelling mistakes, if you have on your published post. You should spend your few minutes, every time after publishing a new post to improve the quality of your post. Double check the beginning of your post as it the main part to draw the attention of your readers.

Share it on Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site and also has Alexa rank #1. So, sharing your post link on Facebook will help you get lots of traffic. When you submit a link of your post in Facebook, don’t forget to add a a few lines mentioning the benefit of reading your post. It is always important to share the articles on personal profile, Facebook Fanpage and different groups under your niche.

Tweet Your Post

Another simple but important task you must do immediately after publishing your post. Don’t use auto-tweeting tool, try to manage it manually. I bet your followers will love it.

Set Up Automatic Pinging

If you are using WordPress like me, you can manage it easily. Many sites like Google, Yahoo! allow you to automatically notify, or “ping,” them when you publish a new post. Just go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > Writing and scroll down to Update Services and there enter the following URLs-













Submit the Post to Article Directories

Submitting your post regularly to Article directories will help you to improve your PR and SEO. The process is so simple. Rewrite the post to make it new and unique, Then Submit the post to some popular article directories like EzineArticles, GoArticles, squidoo, ehow etc. Don’t forget to add a link back to the original article. There are also some softwares available to make the process automatic.