5 Simple Steps to Promote Your Blog

Promote Your BlogPromoting a blog can sometimes feel as hectic as promoting an auto insurance brand. There are so many of them out there offering what looks like similar products that differentiation can be difficult. Here are five steps that will help you promote your blog, differentiating it and creating awareness. With the steps here, you’ll be able to maximize the daily traffic that comes to your website.

5 Easy Steps to Promote Your Blog

1. Social Media

This is perhaps the easiest way to promote a blog, or any website for that matter. Twitter is an especially great medium for promoting a blog. Following people and tweeting meaningful content will eventually earn you some attention. In a short amount of time, Twitter can earn you a lot of views, and once you earn more followers there is a snowball effect. Similarly, being active on other sites such as Facebook can be beneficial.

Don’t forget about internet forums, either. They’re the original social media, and being an active and valued poster on a forum relevant to your blog will give you plenty of opportunities to build new traffic. Make meaningful posts, and drop a link to your blog when relevant.

2. Optimize

Optimizing your blog for search engine results will pay dividends, sending new visitors in your direction every day. Make sure that your blog stays fresh with original content and relevant keywords and inbound links, and optimization can take care of itself. If it’s not enough or you feel that you can get more traffic from search engines, then you might consider hiring a SEO firm to optimize your website.

3. Networking

Communicating with other blog owners in relevant fields can generate a lot of traffic for your site. Talk to blog owners, find out how you can help them and let them know how they can help you. As long as your blogs aren’t direct competitors, you should be able to find a blogger who will gladly link to you in exchange for a link back or some sort of mention. By building long-term working relationships with other bloggers, you’ll develop your presence in the blogging world and have contacts to reach out to when you want to add traffic.

4. Guest Blogging

This follows in the same vein as networking. If you’re particularly knowledgeable on the subject you’re blogging about, find another site that will allow you to write a piece as a guest blogger. By doing so, you’ll get a chance to link back to your own blog while providing valuable content to an established blog presence. Again, direct competitors might not be so fond of this. But if your blog is all about cloud computing, you might write a piece about where Apple’s iCloud service can go and have it published on an Apple blog. Steps such as this will get your name out there, along with your blog’s brand.

5. Run a Quality Blog

This is easily the best way to promote your blog. Run a quality blog, and traffic will flow in. Write quality pieces that are relevant, and update frequently. Create value for your visitors, either through your words or deals you can offer them or direct them to. As long as there is value in your blog, the visitors you get will keep coming back. More importantly, they’ll take care of promotion for you through word-of-mouth and referring others to your blog. Running a quality blog truly is the best way to promote.

When you take all of these steps and put them together, you’ll have a great path for how to make your blog a success. While it’s true that not all blogs can take off and have great deals of visitors, using these steps should maximize your blog’s potential. Just apply the information here, along with your own ideas, and never stop promoting.

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