5 Must Read Books For Bloggers

Must Read Books For BloggersBlogging has without a doubt become very popular within the past few years. As such, many people have concentrated on making it more and more professional. There are several writers out there who have written books on the best ways in which to blog. The following are five must read books for bloggers, when it comes to gathering information on how best to blog:


The author of Launch, Michal Stelnzer, must have come up with a perfect piece of art when he wrote the book Launch. This book gives detailed descriptions of how to use how-to content to reach out to the internet community on many different genres. Many argue that Launch is among the best business books out there when it comes to blogging advice on product advertising or publicity. It is worth a read.

Curation Nation

The connection of curation is being embraced by many a bloggers in modern day. Steven Rosenbaum, the author of Curation Nation, in this book brings a lot to the table in terms of advice on how curation is relevant to your business. Curation Nation is an essential book for all bloggers who seek to stand out in the massively populated field of bloggers and make an impact. This book is less of a how-to book and more concentrated on the use of curation.

The Accident Creative

This is a different kind of book which contributes immensely in the psychological well-being of bloggers. Many people don’t realize it but they spend most of their time on the internet building up a lot of tiredness and subconsciously getting themselves between using the internet as a social tool and also working without really acknowledging it. The Accident Creative helps bloggers learn how to manage these two and use their time wisely to come up with highly desirable content.


Clout is a book which gives valuable information on how to go about blogging seriously. It helps one to learn how to measure the effectiveness of their blogs and also how to ensure that they come up with blogs which create an impact on the target people they seek.

Real Time Marketing and PR

This book is basically for use by businesses but plays a key role in assisting bloggers react quickly and positively to certain situations. Blogging can be more of a real life thing and Real Time Marketing and PR deals with sorting out real issues before they get out of hand. This book can help bloggers learn how to react towards negative comments and feedback from online users on their blogs.


Author Bio: Sathishkumar is a Blogger and Internet Marketer from India. He now works for Pixloo, a free Virtual Tour services company.

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