5 Must Have Tools For Every Blogger

must have blogging toolsWelcome back to EarninDiary. Today we have listed some useful and must have tools for bloggers. By using this tools, you can improve your blog performance and can make blogging easy and fun.

Must Have Tools For Every Blogger

Google Analytics

Almost each and every blogger use this tool. Google Analytics helps bloggers to track conversions (goals), also tell which traffic sources are converting the best, which posts brings lots traffic to a blog and lets you segment your data so that you can go out and find more high quality traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools

Another great and must have tools for bloggers. Google Webmaster Tools basically provides in-depth analysis of your blog. It shows how many of your pages got indexed in google, your pageload time (very important for high ranking), number of broken links, and also it shows your clickthrough rate and positioning for keywords in Google search engine. Even top notch review and authority websites like TechBusket make use of Google Webmasters Tools.

SEO Spyglass

The name itself suggest its functions. SEO Spyglass allows bloggers/webmasters to see their competitor’s backlink profiles. It is one of my favorite tool and have been using it for last few years. When your competitor has ranked  #1 for a keyword in Google, SEO Spyglass shows you the strategies your competitors have employed to get position. This tool doesn’t just give you their backlink profile, it shows you the pagerank of each backlink, as well. Now using all this data, you can easily move yourself high in search engines.


Another most powerful tool, every blogger should use. This tool allows you to track your organic search rankings for hundreds of keywords at a time. If you have recently hired a seo expert, this tool will help you to check rankings of your keywords from time to time. I bet you will love Rank Tracker tool just like I do. This is a fantastic SEO tool with many great fetures.

Mars Edit

Mars Edit is a desktop blog editor tool that  you can use to draft your post, while you are offline. Later when you come online, you can the post easily from the draft folder. This tool works with most of the popular blogging platforms.

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