5 Killer Tips To Improve Your Page Visits

improve your page visitsTo analyze the website traffic, visit quality and goal one should take vital steps to improve the page visit in their site. Number of single page visit in which the user left the site from the entrance page is known as the bouncing rate. This indicates that the entrance pages are not relevant and comfortable for the users so you should provide high quality and relevant information in the entrance page which takes the user to further pages of the site.

By reducing the bounce rate of the site one can improve the conservation, goal, and overall quality of the site. To increase the blog’s page visit there are some useful tips such as:

  • Highlight related posts
  • Interlink within posts
  • Highlight key posts and categories in blog’s hotspots
  • Compilation pages
  • Series

Highlight related posts:

The most powerful tip to improve the page visit in a blog is to highlight the related posts at the end of the article. This encourages the user or reader to read multiple pages on the blog. The user might find the other related post is useful    than the current one and you can highlight the related posts manually or can use other blog platforms.

Interlink within posts:

Interlink within posts is the fine and effective tip to increase the page visit in the blog. You can highlight the related posts within the content of the article which helps the user to share the page with their friends as it looks informative. If the article mentions something similar to the previous writing then you can interlink the posts within the current content of the article.

Highlight key posts and categories in blog’s hotspots:

Always highlight the key posts and categories in the blog which encourage the reader to read the similar and related posts on the same topic. According to the goal of the site one can fill their hot spots with ads or affiliated programs but highlighting the key post on the center of the blog will quickly inform the reader about your blog.

Highlighting the category in the top of the page is also an important tip to increase your page visit in the blog. Instead of just providing the name of the category you can clearly name the category in the blog such as ‘read more related post in our (category name)‘ will play a vital role in improving the page visit.

Compilation Pages:

Rather than extending or continuing the idea of the previous writing you can compile the pages which have the similar content and can highlight in the hot spots. This will lead the reader to read more than one page to find the useful and more information on the same topic. You can even suggest 20 posts which are related to each other in the blog to make the user to visit more pages.

Heat maps:

Heat map is a chart which can be used to find where the people quit from the site or where they look when opening the page. By analyzing the heat map of the site or the blog one can improve their site to improve the page visits.

Search function:

Most of the blog has an ability to use the search option within the blog and this helps the user to search the blog with the keywords. This is one of the useful tips to improve the page visit as the reader search the blog to find the other related or similar posts on their topic.


The great way to improve your page visit is by writing series of posts for a period of time which makes the reader to get back to your blog. But while writing series posts one should be very careful and if you just write to increase the page visit, readers get irritate. But when you write series posts to improve the page visit as well as to interact with the reader then it will lead to improve the page visit to a great extend.

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