5 Hottest Places To Get Traffic

Hot places to get trafficWelcome back to EarningDiary. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that EarningDiary just completed one month successfully. Today I am going to write about five hottest traffic sources(except Google) for every blogger. Here it is-

5 Hottest Places to Get Traffic

1. Twitter-Everyone is on twitter from student to businessman, small company to large company. The popularity of twitter is growing day by day. You can use twitter as a great traffic source. Important thing is how much targeted followers you have. Yeah it is true that building a large network of targeted twitter followers takes lots of times. But once you get this, social networking site will bring lots of traffics to your blog. Just remember few things to get more targeted twitter followers-

  • Make your twitter profile interesting.
  • By tweeting regularly.
  • Put your site url in your twitter profile.
  • By following other twitter users with similar interests.
  • Display your RSS feeds on twitter.
  • Add twitter gadgets to your site.

2. Facebook– Another great traffic source for blogger. If you are already in Facebook then you must know the importance of your Facebook account.Just by remembering few things and you can get lots of traffic from Facebook-

  • Make your profile interesting.
  • Be active. 3.post regularly
  • Add information about your site in on your wall.

3. Digital point forum– Most of my visitors come from digital point  forum. Definitely it is a great traffic source for every blogger whether he is a new or old one. This place can also help you get some back links. Try commenting on forum discussions daily, start new threads regularly. Add your signature which contains the link of your blog/site in your comments/threads.

4. Mybloglog– All of you know this service is from yahoo.One of the hottest place for bloggers to get traffic. Two types of accounts are there in mybloglog-free and premium. Join more community to get more visitors. The most important thing you can check number of visitors, pageviews of your blog from mybloglog account.

5. Youtube– Another wonderful tool for driving traffic to your site. Crete a suitable video of your choice (it depends on your target audience), give a suitable title and Add link to your blog or site and just upload it to YouTube. Be ready to get traffic. Few things to remember-

  • Keep your video short.
  • Make comments on other video with a link back to your site.
  • You can also pay people to add your link to their popular videos.