5 Fast Steps To Get Instant Traffic To ANY Blog or Website

get instant trafficThese days everyone is looking to make some extra cash or maybe even replace their income. The first place everyone looks is online. This is because the Internet has given people an extremely good opportunity to create a business without much expense.

If you want to make some quick money online, read on to see exactly how to get started.

Step 1

Sign up to:





Step 2

Either write or find articles in your niche that are quality articles with quality information. Copy the document to a notepad or word document.

Step 3

Determine which keywords you are going to target. For example, low competition and long tail keywords. It would be much more beneficial to target something like best home based internet business instead of make money online.

Step 4

Open up Open Office and create a PDF version of the article.

You only really need to put an introduction paragraph, some bullet points on a few slides, and a call to action near the end to visit your website or your affiliate link.

TIP: Towards the end of the slide show, put something like “To keep reading the entire article, visit www.yourlink.com”

Save the file

Step 5

Upload the document to the document sharing sites that you signed up for in Step 1.

Rinse and Repeat with as many articles as possible.

What you will also want to think about is tracking. You can go to bit.ly in order to set up tracking links. When you use tracking you are able to tell which sites are giving you traffic and which are not.

All of these sites have given me a good amount of traffic using this technique but it can always change. Spend the majority of your time uploading documents to the sites that give you the most traffic.

This is a fast way to get some targeted traffic to practically any site you want. Just follow the steps and you’ll get there.