5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

best wordpress security pluginsAll we know WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. The reasons behind its popularity are easy to use, no technical skills required to use it and great lists of plugin which really makes blogging easy. But its increasing popularity attracts hackers at an alarming level. So security is a major concern now a days. So, I included 5 best WordPress security plugins here which gives you a tight sleep at night assuring you that your blog is in safe hands.

Login Lockdown

I am using this plugin from the first day. This plugin records the IP address of every failed Login Logdown places a limit on the number of login attempts and will locked WordPress account if the number is exceeded. If 3 failed login attempts made from one IP address within 5 minutes, then that paricularr IP address will be blocked for next one hour.

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Spider Squash

Another free WordPress security plugin designed to block and detect unauthorized access of automated computer programs such as bots, spiders to your WordPress blog. This plugin uses uses advanced statistical analysis techniques to detect bad bots.

Threat Scan Plugin

This is a threat scanner that looks for things out of place in the content  directory as well as the database. It searches PHP files for the occurrence of the eval() function and this function is used by hackers to hide their malicious code or to inject future threats into infected systems. The scan also looks in the database for certain html in places where it does not belong.

WP-Secure Remove WordPress Version

A simple plugin to prevent people from knowing what version of WordPress you’re using via your HTML source. After WordPress 2.5+ wp_head automatically inserts the current WordPress version into the head section. Unlike other plugins that just remove the version from WordPress generator tag this plugin completely removes the meta tag.


One of the most popular plugin save your blog from spammer.I found this plugin very helpful and powerful.I request all WordPress users to use this plugin,otherwise spammers will ruined your blog.

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