5 Best Ways to See Traffic Stats of Other Websites

best ways to see taffic stats of other websitesWelcome back to EarningDiary. Today we would like to share some easy but best ways that helps you to find how much traffic a particular website gets daily. Now you can monitor the traffic stats of your friends or competitors website  easily.

Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is one of the best and well known way to see how much traffic a website gets daily. Alexa tracks everyone who installed Alexa toolbar on their browsers. It is not a very accurate tool as only 1%-2% of total internet users use this tool.


Another useful tool to check the traffic of other sites. This is my most favorite website based keyword research tool. SEMrush shows the top keywords and its positions for a particular website or blog. Based on the position and search engine volume of each and every keyword, any one can estimate the total traffic of a site.


Compete.com is also another most popular web traffic analysis too. This tool is almost like Alexa, except they collect data from multiple sources and is based on U.S traffic.

Google Trends

A useful tool from Google to analyze traffic of other sites. It is not good for comparing sites fairly similar in size. If your website not getting hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors,then this tool is not for you.

Blog Comments

This is a little known way used to know the traffic stats of other blogs/websites. By checking the comments of a blog, you can get a general idea about the traffic a blog gets.

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