4 Ways to Make Your Online Branding Stand Out

online brandingIn today’s world, it seems like literally everyone and her mother is online. This doesn’t just go for individuals; it goes for corporations as well. This is the bane of the modern marketer: thousands of companies on the Internet with little to differentiate between them. If you want to stand apart from the rest, you need to have a solid branding strategy.

Here are four ways to make your online branding unique and recognizable.

1. Attitude Branding

When a business advertises an image in lieu of a product, this is known as “attitude branding.” Think of Nike’s “Just Do It” ads. This type of branding doesn’t depict particular benefits of the product or services; instead, it aligns a company’s brand with specific imagery and feelings.

This type of branding is very effective for lifestyle companies or businesses that want to attract a specific clientele. Attitude branding can be risky because if you try to target a certain audience, you could lose an entire different demographic.

2. Network

Networking is a great way to learn about other businesses in your field and also draw in potential customers. Network with experts in your industry and with competitors. Then you can see what their game-plan is and try to outdo it with your own branding strategy.

3. Update Often

If your company has a blog or website, it’s critical that you post engaging and original content on a regular basis. Innovative blogs and articles helps to draw more of an audience to your website, and get your company noticed.

The same idea applies to all your social media pages, including Twitter and Facebook. If you post funny, thoughtful, or creative statuses, that will engage your audience and start a dialogue. The more you interact with your clients, the more responsive to your brand they’ll be.

4. A professional And Unique Logo

A company’s logo is just as important as the business itself. It represents what the firm stands for and helps to make it familiar. When a business is designing a logo, it needs to take extra precautions to make sure it’s not only original, but well executed.

An amateur-looking logo can turn off potential clients and make your company look unprofessional. You also do not want a run-of-the-mill logo, because you don’t want to be confused with other companies, or worse yet, competitors.

Use color, simple imagery, and good letter designs when creating your logo.